October 2010

October 31, 2010

What Happens After Bankruptcy?

If you live in the Chicago area, and you feel overwhelmed with credit problems, don’t wait until they are so bad to consult a Chicago Bankruptcy […]
October 31, 2010

What Happens After a Petition for Bankruptcy Has Been Filed With Federal Court?

There is hardly a better feeling , when you are going through credit hell, when you finally decided to take the last step and file bankruptcy.  […]
October 30, 2010

The Pros and Cons of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Individuals who are willing to pay their debts within 3-5 years qualify for the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This chapter is crucial as it is helpful for […]
October 30, 2010

The 2005 Bankruptcy Law Explained

The law in bankruptcy changed in 2005, which made it harder for people to file for bankruptcy. Furthermore, filers with high incomes may no longer be […]
October 30, 2010

Don’t Be Entangled In A Bankruptcy Case

More individuals have proclaimed bankruptcy as a result of not being able to handle too many debts. Nevertheless, you can always consult a Reseda bankruptcy attorney […]
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