4 methods to optimize your use of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants

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February 17, 2011
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4 methods to optimize your use of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants

Personal bankruptcy Attorneys have sometime ago recognised that there are a variety of tasks in serving a clients’ need which might be accomplished by a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, who works to complete bankruptcy petitions under their supervision and direction. As such, attorneys all over the country have now urged their peers to support the training and employment of these assistants. Nevertheless, the effective utilization of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants will be based upon the routine office procedures, presently being used at the firm.

Therefore, Individual bankruptcy Lawyers who wish to gain the benefits of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants should know that their achievement could well be grounded in solid principles of office organization and communication. Regrettably, sometime the focus on the routine of bankruptcy petition preparation has resulted in an idea of a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant as not much more than purveyors of the routine.

In order to make your relationship successful, it is simply not enough to only expect that that your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant ought to just be concerned with the mechanics of Bankruptcy Law, just inputting numbers into the forms of a personal bankruptcy software program, but more to the point, that they should really be focused on why such task are to be executed and encouraged to discover approaches to strengthen your petition procedures when possible. The routine of keying in figures into forms is only a place to begin from which your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant should move from quickly to take on more difficult tasks, which can call for a full range of judgment abilities.

It is possible to conceptualize the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant as a connection in the legal service delivery system based upon assembly-line principles of bankruptcy forms processing, whereby they turn into a professional in the routine and repetitive. Nonetheless, your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant could go a good deal past the routine. Just exactly how far they can go will depend more upon the working relationship that grows between the Bankruptcy Lawyer and the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, and less on the routine input of data into a software application.

You want to make the relationship a prosperous one with your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant? From the beginning, explain your expectations and communicate them effectively. Work to remove the repetitious, and insert the challenge.

To improve your partnership with your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, always make use of these 4 principles:

1. Present dependable feedback.

A failure to provide any feedback on the completed Bankruptcy Petition leaves the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant with no contact with your expectations, and doesn’t reward them for their really good actions. I cannot stress enough the significance of this. Remember that Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants have got the basics of bankruptcy petition preparation down cold. Or else, why would you be employing us? Even so, it is important that we understand what specific issues you need to see on the petitions or pleadings, with regard to specific language, order of information, etc. This definitely makes the process more a team collaboration, and will help confirm that we are able to meet your expectations with pretty much every petition completed.

2. Learn to assign work effectively.

As with a good deal of my valued clients, their needs are usually different. A few like for me to mainly input figures into the software program and provide them a finished petition. Some want me to perform all the stuff following the instant that the retainer agreement is signed until the personal bankruptcy is discharged. This isn’t any problem, but where it gets a little hairy is whenever I am helping another bankruptcy paralegal / bankruptcy legal assistant in the firm, and it is not clear as to who’s going to be responsible for what. Take a couple of moments at the beginning of the case and supply an synopsis of precisely what your expectations are through the bankruptcy filing, and note who will be accountable for what. Always be certain to include your individual work in the process too.

3. Provide constructive criticism

Let’s face it, not many individuals can take criticism well. Nonetheless, it is an essential part of the process to try to improve our work. I have had a lot of success with lawyers who took a few moments via telephone or e-mail to supply me with some insight to my mistakes, and it was certainly appreciated. Although I’d really like to think that I am flawless, I realize it to be the case that I am not, and I welcome the chance to learn from those whom I am providing services to. Use the opportunity after the petition is completed to provide insight and education to your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, and it will be returned ten-fold.

4. Make sure that your entire firm is fully commited to the use of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants

You have made the investment of time and money and further dedicated yourself to improving upon the efficiency of your firm, by means of the use of a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. Great move on your part. Now, please take a few moments and tell the staff of your firm of the necessary part that the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant will play in helping to improve the cause of the firm, by facilitating the growth of revenues and improvement of customer service. It can be frustrating to build a great partnership with a bankruptcy attorney, to only be met with the cold shoulder of the staffers when help is needed. I always remind the bankruptcy lawyer and the firm’s staff that it is not my motive to replace everyone, but simply to help the attorney increase their business, without a huge capital expense. Any words that can be passed onto the firm’s staff in support of this can be incredible, and help the bankruptcy petition process go just that much smoother.

Your success as an lawyer always hinges on relationships, and the choice to build a relationship with a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a wise one. Apply these 4 techniques to maximize the usage of your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant and reap the benefits later. Are you looking to improve the quality of your Consumer Bankruptcy Petitions? Well, at Perfect Petitions, we specialize in the completion of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petitions for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys nationwide. We are Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and guarantee we will save you time and money. Expand your Bankruptcy Law Practice today, and call us for assistance at 877-340-2820.
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