Bankruptcy A Step by Step Process

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October 8, 2011
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October 13, 2011
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Bankruptcy A Step by Step Process

Most individuals can confess there’re in at the least some form of financial debt. Dealing with debt is never very easy, particularly if you find you must pay back a significant sum of money and can’t determine any means to pay it all off yourself.

You may just owe far too much without having a large enough source of income to be able to afford the financial debt, or have continued to wait way too long and now have debt collectors hounding you and damaging your credit score while every day goes by. The good news is you can find effective and reliable debt relief you will be able to use in order to get rid of debt and start to get back on course financially.

In the worst case, bankruptcy may end up being the only solution. Also though now there tend to be more individuals than ever filing for personal bankruptcy, the term is however to some extent taboo, since no one wants to confess they allowed themselves to get gotten in so much difficulty financially and it can be extremely humiliating. Generally there is definitely a considerable amount of preconception as well as misunderstandings associated with bankruptcy and whether yourself or someone you know is thinking about going through with bankruptcy and has crucial personal bankruptcy concerns.


The most commonly asked bankruptcy questions is definitely “will this affect my credit,” and the answer is yes. Now there is absolutely no way to avoid having bankruptcy affect your credit. However, when you stop to consider exactly how badly your credit score has been damaged while your current debts go unpaid, it is quite clear to understand that claiming bankruptcy is probably the better solution in the long run. You will find also that banks and lenders will start coming back after you start showing you are creditable. This can be done by opening up a Pay pal account or small bank account where you get a high interest rate bank card and use it and pay it each month to build credit at a low $300 a month then step up every three months to six months. Before you know it you are back, but now you have the understanding of using credit wisely and paying your bills on time and through a step by step process of growing your savings you will have learned a tremendous amount about finances 101.

Bankruptcy is not free! Bankruptcy costs a good portion of your hard earned money. It’s well worth it! If you’re falling behind on a mortgage and possibly maybe being foreclosed on or evicted bankruptcy becomes an awesome tool to be pulled out. Medical bills, wage garnishments, liens, lawsuits, repossession all can be dealt with in bankruptcy and be filed extremely fast with an emergency bankruptcy. So when it comes to pay for a bankruptcy attorney to represent you; you truly get what you pay for. Protection & Representation. So when the question comes up: “is bankruptcy expensive”? Your property and assets worth being protected? Your property and assets should out way the cost of bankruptcy which is meniscal compared to your assets and protection.

When facing serious debt issues and possible stress and health concerns over your finances, you need to contact a bankruptcy attorney right away. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as long with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are both suited for individuals with any type of debt situation. Chapter 7 is more for liquidation and Chapter 13 is you credit protected counseling program bankruptcy tool. Either one can be decided and evaluated by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your immediate area. Each individual has different circumstances and needs undivided attention to their particular case.
A little about me:My name is Phillip Evans. I’m a bankruptcy attorney.I have filed 1000’s of bankruptcies in the Southern California area and have a passion to reset individuals lives back in order with their finances. If you want to see my work, you’re welcome to stop by the bankruptcy court – I’m usually there. You can always call my office to see when I’m in court next and I’d be happy to meet you.If you need to file for bankruptcy in the Southern California Area, or think you might, call me any time to schedule a free appointment. We’ll look over your case together and decide what is right for you.Any time: (888) 619-4850
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