What to expect at a 341 hearing?

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February 11, 2013
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What to expect at a 341 hearing?

Bankruptcy Attorney Hialeah

Bankruptcy Attorney Hialeah

A 341 hearing is a meeting of creditors and is an important part of every Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. At the 341 meeting, you will meet with the trustee in your bankruptcy case and he will ask you a series of questions. This meeting lasts less than 10 minutes. Going to a 341 meeting can be dreaded if you don’t know what to expect. Here is what to expect at the 341 hearing, provided by Bankruptcy Attorney Hialeah.

How to prepare for the meeting:

  • Carefully review your bankruptcy petition
  • If you have missed something it is important to file an amendment before the hearing and bring the changes to the hearing so the trustee can see them.

What you need for the hearing?

  • Bankruptcy Papers
  • Proof of income
  • Social Security card or other proof of SSN
  • Photo ID
  • Documents requested by the trustee or requested by local court rules
  • Recent statements of investment and bank accounts

Common Questions the Trustee Might Ask:

  • Are you familiar with all of the information contained in your bankruptcy paperwork?
  • Did you review and sign your bankruptcy petition and schedules before you filed them with the court?
  • Is all of the information in your bankruptcy paperwork complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge?
  • Are all of your creditors listed in your bankruptcy schedules?
  • What is your gross monthly income?
  • Have you filed for bankruptcy previously?
  • Are there any changes or omissions that you wish to bring to my attention?
  • Are you obligated to pay alimony or child support?
  • Have you given away or transferred any property within the last two years? (But keep in mind that some trustees may go back further in time.)
  • When was the last time you incurred new charges on your credit cards?
  • Have you made payments to any creditors within one year of your bankruptcy?
  • Do you have a business, corporation, or partnership?
  • Is your home or car currently insured?

The goal of Bankruptcy Attorney Hialeah is to provide you with the knowledge and information of what to expect at a 341 hearing as well as provide you with the best bankruptcy law services in Hialeah.

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