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November 19, 2014
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Common Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami and Hialeah

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami and Hialeah

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami and Hialeah offers the best services for those filing bankruptcy. It might be true that before you visit Andres Montejo, you may visit other bankruptcy lawyers that can tell you different things that are not true. If you hear any of these myths, you may not be receiving the best services you can get.


  • All bankruptcy options are the same- Each type of bankruptcy is different and all serve different purposes. To learn more about the different types, click here!
  • All debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy filing- Certain debts such as child support, student loans and many taxes are not discharged.
  • If you file, you will lose everything you own- Bankruptcy is one of the best options when you are struggling with debt. You will not lose everything if you sign up for bankruptcy.
  • When one spouse files bankruptcy it will not affect the others credit- If they have one or more joint accounts it can affect the other spouses credit.
  • You will never be able to qualify for a loan again- Just because filing for bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years doesn’t mean you can’t borrow or qualify for a loan.
  • Filing for Chapter 7 means all debts are wiped clean- Certain debts cannot be erased such as child support, alimony, government issued student loans, and legal settlements.
  • If you are married, both must file- In some cases this can be true, but not always.  If the debt is in one spouse’s name, there is no need for both to file.
  • Bankruptcy is difficult- Though it may seem confusing, the process is simple and beneficial. Call Bankruptcy Attorney Miami and Hialeah for a free consultation today!
  • Only “losers” file for bankruptcy- Many that file for bankruptcy are those who played by the rules and were successful until something happened that changed everything.
  • Consumers can file for bankruptcy as many times as they like- Because of strict limitations, debtors cant file Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they have been through it within eight years of the new filing.


If you have visited a previous bankruptcy lawyer that told you one of these myths, it is possible you are receiving false advice and won’t get the full services you need to deal with your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami and Hialeah is the best bankruptcy lawyer who offers great advice and services for all his clients. Call today for a free consultation!

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