Bankruptcy Attorneys Thrive In An Economic Recession

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March 3, 2010
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March 5, 2010
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Bankruptcy Attorneys Thrive In An Economic Recession

A terrible recession should be a great time for a bankruptcy lawyer. With so many people and businesses in financial trouble, a bankruptcy attorney certainly has a lot of demand for their services. Bankruptcy lawyers are told their business is countercyclical, meaning that they are at the busiest with the economy is the worst. But interestingly, that’s not entirely true. Clients are in far worse shape than when the economy was thriving. Working for people with good jobs but too much debt is a lot easier than it is if they have no job at all. First of course, because it’s harder to pay a lawyer if you can’t pay rent. And sometimes it makes more sense to file bankruptcy to solve your debt problems when you know you’re already hit rock bottom and things are starting to improve. That might not be right now. But more importantly, as with most things in life, your choices are fewer without a decent income.

Attorneys generally know this. So, why wouldn’t an attorney return phone calls on a timely basis? Some attorneys charge a flat fee you do not charge for individual calls and others charged on an hourly basis. For the attorney themselves to return the phone call is not cost effective, especially when billing is on an hourly basis. If the bankruptcy attorney is calling just to tell the client I don’t know the answer yet, I am waiting on word from the court, the trustee, the creditor, the co-debtor, the mortgage company, the car creditor and so forth, that phone call is not an economical use of the attorney’s time and can’t be delegated to a staff member. This is the main reason why it is more cost-effective to use an attorney assisted online bankruptcy service. You pay a lot less and you get the benefit of getting your questions answered in a timely fashion.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a last resort for those who have become buried in debt, perhaps by creditors, and overwhelmed with the worries of making ends meet. There are online bankruptcy services that were built and maintained by bankruptcy attorneys, and are designed to provide easy and affordable access to the bankruptcy courts. There is no need to pile on more debt by hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, who will require cash up front. With one of these bankruptcy services you get the official bankruptcy forms, together with bankruptcy laws and instructions on how to fill them out. This will save you thousands of dollars over the cost of hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

Good personal bankruptcy advice is to find a reputable bankruptcy service. First of all, they may be able to provide an alternative that you did not think of. Next, if there is no alternative, with the help of a good bankruptcy service it will take the pressure off you because they will guide you through the entire process. Using an online bankruptcy service the cost is usually very inexpensive because technically you are representing yourself in court. Most bankruptcy services  have an easy to use software that will help you fill the bankruptcy forms properly. After you’re finished you’ll have the confidence that a professional is going to review your forms before they are filed with your local court.

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