Bankruptcy Laws and advice : Know more

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July 17, 2010
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Bankruptcy Laws and advice : Know more

So, do you think that you are facing financial crunches? Do you whisper to yourself, “I want is to get rid of my mounting debts”; Are you confused and don’t know how to negotiate with your growing list of lenders? Well, if you are one amongst the millions of Americans, almost drowned in unsecured debts, then it’s perhaps the best time to weigh the advantages of filing Massachusetts bankruptcy, to regain your financial stability.

Bankruptcy law has developed as a riposte response to the abuses surrounding the concept, ‘debtor’s prison’, which was once in fashion in the nineteenth century. In those age old days the borrowers languished in prison for years, surviving on what their family brought to them. Although this sounds like a scary tale today,  but that’s true. Fortunately Bankruptcy law was created to provide a second chance to those hapless, in debts. However, bankruptcy laws gradually changed and the bankruptcy laws and codes and new bankruptcy laws emerged. Today, not all the debts can be wiped out and there are a number of things a debtor should be aware of before filing bankruptcy at Massachusetts. In fact it can happen and you can receive streaming phone calls and demand letters leading to even Massachusetts foreclosure but you can stop that if you know the ways.

First try and explain your situation to the lender and him for some more time. And if you see that the creditors are refusing and thus continues to threaten garnishment then  inform them clearly that you have no money and also consult the Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer. Now let’s understand the basic point, that is when and where to file the bankruptcy! As a matter of fact to declare bankruptcy is indeed not an easy decision to be made overnight. And, it should truly be a last resort as the legal system meant it to be. The fact is a bankruptcy appears on your credit and stays there for years so it’s better to consult the Bankruptcy attorneys when filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts.

Bankruptcy law has regarded some of the situation as the perfect scenarios to go ahead with Massachusetts bankruptcy filing.  If and when you start borrowing from one card to pay the other.  Honestly such a situation where you Rob Paul to pay peter cannot last for long and you indeed need a solution for restructuring your payment plan.   When you try your level best to keep your debts up to date and for this, you start using your savings. In such cases you need an anchor and the bankruptcy law stands behind you. Apart from the above alluded situations if you have defaulted on credit card, if your business fails, or if you had a substantial reduction in your monthly income, then you can file for bankruptcy.

However,  you really make any decision, first ponder on both the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy

Advantages – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:  This allows you to opt for a fresh start. When the chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is discharged then the associated debts are automatically and permanently erased.

Disadvantage – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: It needs all the eligible assets to be liquidated in order to satisfying the petitioner’s debts. It also makes a serious mark on the credit score and remains there for long seven years.

Advantages- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:    Also known as the wage-earner’s petition, this supports in reducing the debt obligation without disturbing his personal possessions.

Disadvantages- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: This requires you to follow the financial guidelines that the court has regulated for you.  All these can be severe and even can call for most unwanted situations like transferring children to the public school and many more.

The Massachusetts bankruptcy center with its various locations and with a team of expert bankruptcy attorneys provides tailored solutions in restructuring your financial stability.

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