Bankruptcy Services by Florida bankruptcy attorney

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July 30, 2011
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August 1, 2011
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Bankruptcy Services by Florida bankruptcy attorney

Are you overwhelmed by the debt and making up a decision to file a bankruptcy petition? If YES, then just go through this article and ponder upon it again.

Life is a riddle; you never know when you would confront economic predicament.  These fiscal predicaments are mostly confronted by most of the individuals in U.S.  So don’t feel embarrassed in discussing your situation with an attorney, who can file a bankruptcy for you.  Don’t get carried away with the myths of bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy can be filed by any individual severally or jointly with spouse, or for a business, but taking the help of an attorney, who has lawful knowledge of the process of bankruptcy is the finest option for you.  A bankruptcy attorney, who has a strong hold on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for personal bankruptcies and Chapter 11 for business bankruptcies, can offer you the most efficient services.  No doubt, this is a bitter truth that as soon as the days will pass the harassment will increase so better go to an expert who specializes in this matter, and that we are.

How Manny Singh, a Florida bankruptcy attorney, can help you?

Just forget threatening creditor calls, creditor harassment, sleepless nights all would be a story of past, because after opting for attorney Manny Singh’s services, all your problems would be tackled under bankruptcy courts.  As soon as the bankruptcy is filed, the creditors will lose any right of contacting you or proceeding in any way to recover debts from you.  A short meeting or a telephonic conversation with attorney Manny Singh will enlighten the feeling inside you that you are now into safe hands.  We would help you and shield you from the harassing attitude of the creditors.  Manny Singh can provide you with all your best legal options and alternatives, and that would be tailored according to your needs and situation.  You can choose what fits best to your mind and pocket.  We can even arrange alternative payment terms to pay our fees and costs.  Once you join us, we will provide you your property options which would help you in making best decisions for yourself.  Also, if your spouse is not interested in filing bankruptcy or has a fear of losing the credit scores, you can file it individually but with certain conditions per bankruptcy law, the only problem would be with joint properties.  If you have decided to file bankruptcy, please do not delay, as after you had filled your bankruptcy worksheet our processing time for the petition is about three to four weeks before filing a petition.


What after the bankruptcy?

Once you had filed your bankruptcy, your credit score will deteriorate.  Do not lose hope.  You can rekindle your life with the hope of light.  Now is the time to act wisely and in a planned way.  Even after you had filed bankruptcy, you can get some loans.  As a result, risk of the investor increases, so the rate of interest is generally high but you can gain the same credit score by making payments on time and making good terms with the creditors.  We provide you post bankruptcy services such as credit repair/restoration as well.

We will guide you, how you can save your retirement accounts.  As according to bankruptcy law you can avail the exemptions and keep certain things that are necessary for your bare minimum needs.  Rest you can surrender to the trustee.  Generally, the luxurious assets would be taken away or will be written off against the debt you had in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Otherwise, you can file Chapter 13 and pay off at garage sale value of assets over a period of five years.  We have a strong legal team to assist you.  We would start working on your case soon after you had signed a retainer agreement with us.

Don’t delay just call at 954-722-1300, Manny Singh a bankruptcy attorney, and get an appointment for a Free Initial Consultation or mail us at
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