May 7, 2009

Mortage Loans – To Buy Or To Rent

May 8, 2009

Should I file for bankruptcy?

Should I File For Bankruptcy? Consider the questions listed below. If you answer yes to three or more of the questions, you should speak with a […]
May 8, 2009

Banks win, homeowners lose in Senate – St. Petersburg Times

It is very unfortunate that this was shot down by the Senate. This was a spectacular solution for Homeowners. I think it was spectacular in two […]
May 8, 2009

Bankruptcy and the ancient world.

   Bankruptcy and the ancient world… Broke in the ancient world…. One of the earliest recorded instances of insolvent debtors getting a discharge can be found […]
May 9, 2009

Bankruptcy Private Student Loans

Will I be able to discharge my private sector student loans thru bankruptcy?
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