May 8, 2012

The Great Recession More Than Wipes Out a Quarter-Century of Gains Made by Blacks and Hispanics in Household Wealth

I had no idea that the recession had such a much worse impact on minorities. The gap in median household wealth between whites and each of […]
May 9, 2012

What Happens to Your “General Unsecured Debts” in Chapter 13?

In most Chapter 7 "straight bankruptcies," most debts are legally written off, especially debts that are not secured by any collateral and don't belong to any of the special "priority" categories of debt. But how about in a Chapter 13 payment plan? What determines whether these creditors get paid, and if so how much?
May 10, 2012

Keep Your Vehicle In Spite of Paying Less Every Month

What if you really need to hang on to your car or truck, but can’t afford the monthly payments? Or if you’ve fallen behind and just […]
May 11, 2012

Debts with Collateral–THE Fixation of Many Bankruptcies

Your vehicle loan, home mortgage, account at the appliance or electronics store, and maybe a debt that's resulted in a judgment lien--these debts with collateral are the ones that grab the most attention during a bankruptcy case. And that includes the attention of the creditors, very interested in "their" collateral.
May 14, 2012

Options with Your Vehicle Loan under Chapter 7

Your car or truck loan may be the most important debt you have. Chapter 7 puts you in the driver seat for dealing with this debt.
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