November 5, 2012

Who’s Who in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

It sure helps in understanding the two main bankruptcy options if you know the cast of characters in each one.
November 6, 2012

Audit Shows Capital One Bank Illegally Filed $24.7 Million in Claims for Debts Previously Discharged in Bankruptcy

One can understand if a major U.S. credit card company forgets that one of its customers had earlier written off their debt in bankruptcy. But forgetting […]
November 7, 2012

Is Your Business Eligible to File Bankruptcy?

Question #1 for cleaning up financially after a failed business: can the business file a bankruptcy without you? Question #2: should it?
November 8, 2012

What Stops a Creditor from Chasing You After Its Debt Has Been Written Off in Bankruptcy?

Even though it’s illegal for creditors to try to collect on a debt that’s been discharged (legally written off) in bankruptcy, once in a while they […]
November 9, 2012

If Your Business is Eligible to File Bankruptcy, Should It Do So?

If your business has failed or is about to, it does NOT likely need a bankruptcy. But YOU personally might.

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