January 17, 2011

What does bankruptcy discharge mean?

For anyone who is filing bankruptcy, the discharge document is the ultimate “prize” that the person could want to attain. When your bankruptcy petition has been […]
January 17, 2011

Increasing number of sites offering a bankruptcy evaluation online

As more and more people turn to the Internet for all their needs, an increasing number of sites are offering a free bankruptcy case evaluation online. […]
January 18, 2011

Should You Settle Your Debtor or File for Bankruptcy

As a Bankruptcy AttorneyNew Jersey, clients call my office on a weekly basis who have tried to settle their debts and ask me if they should […]
January 19, 2011

How to Determine if Bankruptcy is a Viable Tax Relief Option for Resolving IRS Back Taxes

Most taxpayers don’t realize that IRS tax debt may be eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. Record numbers of people filed bankruptcy last year because they lost their […]
January 20, 2011

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of “do It Yourself Bankruptcy”

Finance is the main issue in such cases, and many debtors get daunted while working out the cost involved in paying off the creditors while  filing […]
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