Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free?

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February 7, 2011
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February 9, 2011
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Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free?

Just by simple definition alone, a debt-burdened consumer who files for bankruptcy is presumed this by just reason that the she or he has no amounts. Hence, selection proposition for any individual that looks for this than for your ex in order to file FREE bankruptcy! Will it be any wonder, then, that your common question asked by many consumers who ponder over it, is usually something having to do with filing a free of charge one?

In deed, using this author’s personal perspective, an absolutely free bankruptcy, or otherwise a very inexpensive bankruptcy, medicine rule of the game. As being a basic constitutional right of yankee citizenship, it shouldn’t be costly. Rather, the honest and qualified consumer are able to file for bankruptcy for free, at least for a low-cost, affordable cost the debtor should pay for.

The main question for people here, therefore, is: How realistic or practicable within today’s legal establishment, is the debtors’ common question, Can one file bankruptcy totally free?


Put very simply, the whole reality with the matter is always that beneath the prevailing bankruptcy law as well as procedures that happened because the passage of the new “reformed” law of October 2005 (typically referred to as the BAPCPA law), the expectation, for the consumer who seeks to launch one today to get a cost-free bankruptcy, is actually completely unrealistic and unattainable for your average debtor. In deed, what the new law did on the whole bankruptcy process, is the fact it’s got drastically added, not reduced, countless higher costs, particularly the lawyers’ costs, to bankruptcy for that filer. By way of example, the typical bankruptcy lawyer’s fees for your simplest Chapter 7 which was once $750 to $1,000 prior to 2005 law, is currently from the array of $2,000 to $2,500 since new law, although lawyers’ fees for Chapter 13 which had been around $1,500 or less, is now within the variety of $3,000 to $4,500. Moreover, the judge filing fees charged through the bankruptcy court to submit the papers, have shut up significantly – by in excess of 33% with the pre-2005 law costs.


But is it possible, under any circumstances whatsoever today, for a debtor to produce bankruptcy at no cost? The theory is that, yes. But, used, in real life that many debtors must be employed in, the correct answer is zero! The theory is that, to the bulk that could reach over 1,000,000 debtors who file for bankruptcy right now annually, sure, a really proven, low income, cash-strapped debtor seeking to file bankruptcy could apply for a court “waiver” to offer the court waive the approximately $300 in the courtroom filing fees which have been required, and also other required costs for personal bankruptcy (for things like Credit guidance classes, debt relief, etc.). However, for that average debtor, problems interested in being allowed such privileges, as well as the additional stringent conditions necessary for the debtor to be entitled to them, are usually too cumbersome concise that only just some really ever be entitled to or make use of them. Hence, your bankruptcy at no cost, inside sense of devoid of to pay for such various court filing and administrative fees, is merely an extremely remote possibility for only an extremely tiny few among bankruptcy filers.

In addition to being on the prospect for free bankruptcy with regards to the lawyers’ high attorney’s fees correctly? True, the lawyers’ groups and bar associations have established some sorts of pro bono or legal aid programs which are purported to allow bankruptcy-seekers to file bankruptcy at no cost . However, used, merely a mere several people be entitled to such programs or ever make use of them. Hence, currently – if you completely tend to file bankruptcy under some non lawyer option which is being adopted by the growing quantity of debtors today, in which you file without the need for a legal professional – having the capacity to seek bankruptcy relief totally free and never have to pay the attorneys’ hefty hips, can also be simply a remote, if impractical possibility for almost all filers.

DEBTORS’ CURRENT Alternatives on COSTS – Free Bankruptcy Vs Low-Cost

An increasing solution for several American debtors towards the closest thing to “free bankruptcy,” is low-cost, cheap non lawyer baNKRUPTCY – that is certainly, declaring bankruptcy under it by making use of such methods as skilled legal manuals as well as kits, credible and trustworthy help with your debt agents as well as agencies and Full Service bankruptcy document preparers specializing in bankruptcy filings. Despite the regular notion often propagated by lawyers and bar organizations nationally, most bankruptcy cases are, in truth, really what is known as no-asset situations, and are with the simple, straightforward garden assortment kinds that readily lend such bankruptcies to being filed from the debtors themselves, with out a lawyer or lawyers’ high hips for bankruptcy.

In short, the reply to the question: May i file bankruptcy totally free? Generally, NO. If you do it the standard way, this means requiring you to hire a lawyer correctly, that notion is actually unthinkable. Call it a pipe dream, almost! However, however, you can use a non traditional alternative method (utilization of qualified instructional guides along with kits, non legal professional bankruptcy experts who are experts in preparation of bankruptcy papers for debtors at extremely low prices, and stuff like that) to dramatically reduce your cost for bankruptcy reducing it enough where filing for it will be affordable to suit your needs. And for you as a debtor, which will be, in real life, the nearest thing you’ll find yourself getting into a free bankruptcy or personal bankruptcy free of charge today with this super expensive post-2005-law bankruptcy era!

In additional, regarding the respond to the question, ‘Can I file bankruptcy free of charge?’ It really is a practical impossibility with the bulk of yank consumers your bankruptcy filing today. But, can you have cheap bankruptcy or low priced bankruptcy that may dramatically cut the charge down, if not completely avoid it to zero? Yes. Possibly. It is possible to, in the event you simply find that alternative method, and engage the services of reputable and competent agencies that deliver such services for debtors.

Sam is a professional Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer with the experience to deal with most challenging bankruptcy cases.
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