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June 7, 2011
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June 8, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy GA

Any consumer can file chapter 7 bankruptcy GA as long as they follow the required steps that are needed in filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  They should also complete all legal requirements and be eligible to file a bankruptcy chapter 7.  Bankruptcy process starts even before you file your bankruptcy papers in court.  You need to prepare your bankruptcy papers without any errors in it so that you do not have to risk losing more of your properties.

Going to a bankruptcy lawyer for your bankruptcy case is highly encouraged.  You will have a professional to guide you to the process and give you legal advice.  The bankruptcy lawyer will also represent you in the bankruptcy court and will be the one to handle your legal documents.  Depending on how much a lawyer charges, this can be either an expensive way to file your bankruptcy or a cheap way to file it.  Finding cheap bankruptcy lawyers is difficult because there are only a few of them around.  If you are lucky, you can get yourself a lawyer who does free legal aid that can help you in your bankruptcy.

After you file your bankruptcy petition in court, your creditors will soon receive a written mail stating that you have filed bankruptcy.  This letter is a notice coming from the court that contains legal information and specific dates that a creditor should know so that the bankruptcy process can proceed to the next step.  Then a bankruptcy trustee will be assigned to your case.

The bankruptcy trustee will ask for your latest income tax return so be sure you provide the latest one.  Make sure your tax return does not indicate any recent debts or payment of debts as this could effect your chapter 7 bankruptcy.  In a worst case scenario, the bankruptcy trustee might change your bankruptcy chapter 7 to a chapter 13.

It is not certain that you can file a chapter 7 even if you have filed your bankruptcy petition in court.  This still depends on your eligibility to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and completing all the necessary legal requirements, especially, under the new bankruptcy law.  The means test is a method used by the government to indicate your financial capability of paying your debts.  Being eligible to file bankruptcy chapter 7 simply means that a person does not have any means to pay his or her debts and if forced to pay the debts, will only cause undue hardships.  One can know if he can pass the means test by simply looking at their monthly income and asking the questions, how high is my income?  Does my income exceed all my expenses?  To pass the means test, your income should be below the average income and should not exceed your expenses, otherwise, the bankruptcy court will probably put your filing to a chapter 13.

You can start filing chapter 7 bankruptcy GA by hiring a petition preparer or a bankruptcy lawyer to prepare your papers.  This is the most affordable way to file bankruptcy.  Pay the flat fee for their services and file your petition in court.  For more support on how to file bankruptcy, visit

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