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September 6, 2011
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September 7, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy IL

A person can file chapter 7 bankruptcy IL by following the bankruptcy steps or procedures.  Before you can start following the steps on filing bankruptcy, you need to prepare your bankruptcy papers so you can file it in court.  The time you will file your bankruptcy petition in court will start the bankruptcy process.

Preparing your papers can be done in many ways but just be certain that the forms are filled out correctly and as much as possible, does not contain any errors.  Having misplaced any information in your bankruptcy forms might affect the bankruptcy trustee’s decision in determining which properties are non exempt that can cause you to lose more assets.  The worst thing that can happen is having your bankruptcy convert to a chapter 13 or disapproved your bankruptcy totally.  To avoid such results, you can have your bankruptcy papers be prepared professionally by a petition preparer or a bankruptcy lawyer.

There are requirements and qualifications to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy IL.  One of these requirements that you need to pass is the means test.  The results in the means test will give you the eligibility to file for a chapter 7 type of bankruptcy.  The means test simply determines a person’s financial capability to pay his or her debts.  This is important because chapter 7 is specifically targeted to people who cannot pay their debts by any means.  To know if you are eligible or qualified to pass the means test, just looks at how high your income is.  Having an income that exceeds your expenses might cause a bankruptcy trustee to convert your bankruptcy chapter 7 to a chapter 13.

There are a few requirements also added to file bankruptcy.  These requirements are based under the new bankruptcy law under the BAPCPA which stands for Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act that was made effective last October 2005.  The new bankruptcy law requires any person who is in the process of filing bankruptcy to go through a credit counseling session provided by a credit counseling agencies.  Added to that requirement is documentation proving that you have attended and completed the credit counseling.  The new law encourages people to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy because most credit counseling agencies also provide repayment plans to their clients.

Spending little cash as possible in filing your bankruptcy can be a heaven sent but in order to achieve this, you have to do some hard work yourself.  You can hire a bankruptcy lawyer to do all the things for you but this can be expensive.  If you try doing all the things by yourself, you take the risk of running into some mistakes.  I suggest you hire a petition preparer or a bankruptcy lawyer to help you preparer your papers.  You only need to shell out the payment for their flat fee then you can do the rest of the filing. For more support on how to file bankruptcy, visit the link below.

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