Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test Opportunites

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June 8, 2010
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test Opportunites

Every debtor who considers filing must fill out the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test. In general, the formula determines options to file. For Chapter 7 cases, the test establishes an upper income permissible for individuals. If a person gets too much, Chapter 7 is not appropriate. If choosing Chapter 13, debtors must establish a steady source of cash flow.        

In several scenarios, past income is excessive though earning no regular income. In these scenarios, wage earners could not qualify for Chapter 7 or 13. The bankruptcy means test form is a primary prerequisite that ultimately determines the varieties and amounts of help available. 

Analyzing Chapter 7 Income and Expenses and Standard Forms

The standard Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test form is intricate. Real cash flow over the preceding six months establishes average income. Exceptions could raise or lower the standard greatly compared to actual income earned. The court, an assistant trustee or a creditor could dispute the truthfulness of the results provided. 

The expense rule is difficult. The official calculation procedure provides provisions for expenses in several primary categories rather than includes actual living costs paid. In other categories, real expenses remitted rather than an obligation to pay are included. This difference is important. 

When debts are owed but not disbursed, the obligation to pay could or could not be included depending on the type of debt. To muddle the calculation unnecessarily, the formula could or could not permit inclusion of living costs historically remitted. 

Know that rules evolve often. To assure harmony, sweeping investigation is necessary. An infraction is hazardous and could be over priced and cause sanctions. Attorneys substantiate statutes repeatedly to minimize quandaries. 

Completing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test gives each individual a degree of latitude when discovering the final result. Over a time of 6 months, filers could change spending habits. Later, discretionary improvements in spending habits might influence the final result intentionally. 

Individuals who think about filing bankruptcy must carefully analyze elections completely. Several changes ahead of filing may entitle high earners to choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Ultimately, these improvements might also reduce Chapter 13 plan payments greatly over the life of a qualified plan. Regrettably, the court forms and instructions do not detail these options satisfactorily. Most people eventually find out that careful planning first pays handsome returns when receiving a discharge of amounts owed.

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The most desirable time to enhance the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test is a few weeks or months preceding filing. An optimized Chapter 7 bankruptcy test form for individuals works best. Expert Chapter 7 means test instructions and help improves the test greatly.
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