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June 8, 2011
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June 8, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy MI

Debts that become out of control can be a heavy burden for any consumers.  The pressure from creditors to pay your debts can be too much on anyone.  Luckily for us, we can find a way out of this through filing bankruptcy.  This is a privilege that every citizen can have that gives the chance to have a fresh financial start in our lives.  There are many reasons why people file bankruptcy but mainly the reasons why people file bankruptcy are because of events that are out of control from the hands of the consumers such as, divorce, huge medical bills or accidents.  These things happen to us all sometimes coincidentally, accidentally and seldom is directly the fault of the consumers.

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy MI is no different than any other chapter 7 filed in other states.  A person starts by filing his or her bankruptcy papers in the bankruptcy court.  Then the bankruptcy process starts.  Your bankruptcy documents are made up of bankruptcy forms, your financial information, and other legal documents required so it is crucial to prepare this properly as this is usually what is used to judge your bankruptcy case by the bankruptcy court.

Before bankruptcy process starts, you have to prepare your papers but even you prepare your papers, you must at least take the time to think about filing bankruptcy.  Make sure that bankruptcy is the last option.  Although bankruptcy can get you out of debts, the bankruptcy status will be with you for a couple of years and it can also have a negative effect.  The bankruptcy status will be visible in your credit report and this is a huge red mark.  It will be hard for anyone to obtain a new credit, creditors are particularly strict towards people who have a history of filing bankruptcy and sometimes they do not allow these people to borrow money from them.  Another negative effect of the bankruptcy status is having a negative impact in applying for a new job or even for promotional purposes.  So before you prepare your bankruptcy papers and file bankruptcy, think about it first.  If you do decide to push through filing bankruptcy, make it in the best light possible and always check your credit report.  There might be some errors in it, if your credit report does have any errors, have it corrected right away.  File bankruptcy in the best light possible.

A few other things you should consider before filing chapter 7 bankruptcy MI are passing the means test and completing the new requirements under the new bankruptcy law.  The first thing you should be worried about is passing the means test.  This test is a tool used by a bankruptcy trustee to measure how much you can pay your debts using your own income and other means.  Having no means to pay your debts will make you eligible in filing for a chapter 7 type of bankruptcy.  For more support on how to file bankruptcy, visit

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