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September 5, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Paperwork

Your bankruptcy paperwork is the root of your bankruptcy process.  The financial information you provide will be the key in the success of your bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy court will base their decision on the financial information you provide.  Errors or mistakes in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy paperwork can cause you to lose a lot of assets.  A degree of caution is required in preparing your bankruptcy papers, always double check your papers.

Chapter 7 is also known as a liquidation type of bankruptcy.  This is because of how chapter 7 eliminates debts.  Out of all the type of bankruptcy, chapter 7 is the quickest tool in discharging debts this is why so many people want to file this type of bankruptcy.  Unlike chapter 13, which requires you to pay your debts in an agreed amount of time, in chapter 7, you just need to give up your nonexempt properties to your assigned bankruptcy trustee and you do not have to worry about a single debt that you owe to your creditors.  Nonexempt properties are properties that are subjected to liquidation while exempt properties are the things you are able to keep.  You can still keep nonexempt properties, especially, properties that have a sentimental value to you as long as you can afford to buy them back.  Not all types of debts can be discharged through bankruptcy, some debts like college loan cannot be discharged.

It is much difficult to file a chapter 7 than a chapter 13, especially, with the new bankruptcy law.  The new law under BAPCPA, which stands for Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, encourages people to file a chapter 13.  This new bankruptcy law started to take effect last October 2005. It requires everyone to go through credit counseling sessions.  These are provided by credit counseling agencies that guide debtors through a repayment plan.  More likely, people who seek the services of these agencies will have a repayment plan provided for them which is simply a chapter 13 type of bankruptcy.

In preparing your chapter 7 bankruptcy paperwork, you can hire a full time bankruptcy lawyer or petition preparer to do it for you and also you can do it by yourself if you want.  It is expensive to hire a full time lawyer but it is encouraged getting one.  This is because filing for bankruptcy can be a complex task for everyone who is not accustomed with its laws and process.  Having a bankruptcy lawyer by your side will help you get through your bankruptcy process easily with little problems on the way.

If you insist in preparing your own bankruptcy papers, then you need to get familiarized with the basic of bankruptcy.  You do not need to have a master’s degree in bankruptcy; you just need to know enough so that you will avoid mistakes and errors in your papers that can cause you to lose assets.  I suggest you hire a bankruptcy lawyer or a petition preparer to prepare your papers, you will only need to pay their flat fee then you can take you bankruptcy papers and file it in court.  For more support on how to file bankruptcy, visit

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