Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

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July 11, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

In today’s financial system, so many people are challenged with very difficult financial decisions.  Many just lost their jobs, incurred huge medical bills or even going through a divorce.  These can be disastrous at times to your everyday life and financial expectations.  This is one factor why so many people opted to filing bankruptcy.  But since money is the problem, so many individuals filing for bankruptcy found out they cannot afford the attorneys fees associated with filing bankruptcy.  What can you do?  This is where the chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparer comes in.  This is like doing your own bankruptcy but with the preparers doing your paperwork.  

Going through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does not have to be costly or confusing.   The new Federal Bankruptcy laws which took effect October of 2005 allow every debtor the right to stand for themselves at their Bankruptcy hearing.  These same laws permit a bankruptcy petition preparer to professionally complete your petition for you. This means an individual who is filing for bankruptcy can file his or her own Chapter 7 and save approximately $1000 to $2000 by doing so with the help of a petition preparer.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparer is someone who prepares any document for filing by a debtor in relation with a case in the bankruptcy court.  They are authorized to prepare not just the petition, but any document which is used in the bankruptcy case, whether he or she prepares the petition or not.   A substitute to do it yourself is the complete service of chapter 7 and chapter 13 online bankruptcy petition preparers or online paralegal. This process appeals to debtors filing for bankruptcy who do not have the money to afford the high fees of bankruptcy attorneys but at the same time do not wish for the uncertainty and hassle of doing all the paperwork themselves. Bankruptcy preparers fill this need. They are trained individuals who can prepare the documents with expertise.  However, to have a petition preparer prepare the petition for you does not assure conformity with all pertinent laws, or that utmost advantage exemptions.  Bankruptcy preparers are not lawyers or attorneys and they cannot give legal advice.  They also do not compete with attorneys.   They just simply offer an inexpensive method to filing Chapter 7.   Their services rendered, however, are limited to the preparation of bankruptcy documents.  But if you cannot afford an attorney or do not own a lot of property, the bankruptcy petition preparer will proficiently complete every essential document for you.  The good thing is that you can file for bankruptcy much less, just at about 1/10th the cost of an attorney.   

They can put in order your bankruptcy paperwork within 48 hours properly and accurately.   They collect your financial information, credit report, and fill out all paperwork, after which, they send the paperwork back to you so you can file your petition in court.  They specialize in any type of bankruptcies, and most of them can prepare a bankruptcy for any state in the US.  They can support you in the bankruptcy petition procedure.

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