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February 2, 2011
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February 4, 2011
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Procedure

Chapter 7 bankruptcy procedure are composed of routinely steps that are needed for the process of bankruptcy to start until it gets done and which will result in the discharge of your debts and the closing of your bankruptcy case.  A consumer who wishes to file bankruptcy must first prepare his or her bankruptcy papers before filing it in the bankruptcy court.

You can either prepare your bankruptcy papers by yourself, have a full time bankruptcy lawyer to do all your bankruptcy process or hire a petition preparer to specifically prepare your papers while you do all the filing process.  Filling out the forms and preparing your own bankruptcy papers can be a great money saver.  All you need is determination and an open mind to learn new things that you need to know about bankruptcy to properly prepare your papers.  Having your papers prepared is not for everyone.  A person must be at least familiar with the bankruptcy law and process, especially the bankruptcy basics.  First time bankruptcy filers will have a hard time preparing their own papers and must find the right help for them.  One thing they can do is buy a bankruptcy book to read or check out bankruptcy sites that are available in the internet.  There are so many bankruptcy sites listed on the web.  They provide free PDF bankruptcy forms and some offer online bankruptcy lawyer services.  The only risk in preparing your own bankruptcy papers is making errors paper that can make you lose huge amount of assets in the end.

If you are willing to spend big, you can hire a full time bankruptcy lawyer is the second way to go if you do not want to risk having errors in your papers.  You can sit back and just watch as your bankruptcy lawyer do all the bankruptcy process for you.  The bankruptcy lawyer will guide you and provide you legal advices.  The only thing left for you to do is be in touch with your bankruptcy case and ask question to your bankruptcy lawyer for anything regarding your bankruptcy case.

But you do not need a lawyer to file bankruptcy.  If you want to file in an affordable way, you can hire a petition preparer to prepare your papers, you just need to pay their flat fee and then you can do the rest of the work. The end result is the same.

After your papers are prepared, the next chapter 7 bankruptcy procedure is that you will file it in the bankruptcy court.  Then your creditors will receive a notice stating that you have filed for bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy trustee will be assigned to you.  The bankruptcy trustee will ask for your latest tax return and will be the one to have you take the means test.  After passing the means test, the bankruptcy trustee will ask you to go to a creditors meeting where questions will be asked to you regarding the financial information you have provided in your bankruptcy papers.  Then negotiation will soon follow regarding the nonexempt properties that you have.  After a review from the court and if everything goes well, your debts will soon be discharged and the bankruptcy court will declare your bankruptcy case closed.  For more support on how to file bankruptcy, visit www.onlinebkassist.com.

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