Complicated Bankruptcy Exemptions

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March 31, 2011
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April 2, 2011
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Complicated Bankruptcy Exemptions

While it is not legally mandated or require in any way to file for personal bankruptcy, it is highly recommended and wise to hire Southgate bankruptcy lawyers. Due to new federal bankruptcy laws being passed back 2005, filing for bankruptcy has become somewhat more complicated, and it always helps to have experienced Southgate bankruptcy lawyers on your side. For instance, Southgate bankruptcy lawyers will know which bankruptcy exemptions you should utilize.

There is a list of federal bankruptcy exemptions and there also tends to be a list of bankruptcy exemptions particular to the state in which you live. Some states make you choose between using the federal bankruptcy exemption list or their own state bankruptcy exemption list. Others allow you to use bankruptcy exemptions from both the federal bankruptcy exemption list and the state bankruptcy exemption list.

Several states opt completely out of the federal bankruptcy exemption system. For example, the state of California allows you, when filing personal bankruptcy, to choose between two sets of bankruptcy exemptions particular to California. Obviously, these laws and exemptions differ from state to state. The state of Michigan has a list of state bankruptcy exemptions, but you can choose to use the federal bankruptcy exemption list instead.

State of Michigan bankruptcy exemptions include homestead, insurance, pensions, personal property, public benefits, tools of trade, wages, and miscellaneous. There is no wild card state of Michigan bankruptcy exemption. For the state of Michigan, there are also supplemental federal bankruptcy exemptions that might be used with state bankruptcy exemptions.

These include retirement benefits, survivor’s benefits, death and disability benefits, and other miscellaneous bankruptcy exemptions.

Southgate bankruptcy lawyers will know best which bankruptcy exemptions, whether they are federal or state, will work best with your particular bankruptcy case. The specifics change from case to case, and the procedures and forms can get complicated.

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