Credit Card Debt Effects And Solutions

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March 5, 2010
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March 11, 2010
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Credit Card Debt Effects And Solutions

Effects of having credit card debt

Difficulty in starting business: Having a credit card debt causes difficulty for a person When he approaches the bank for loans to start a new business. Any bank would not sanction the necessary loan amount and hence limits the amount after knowing the persons bad credit history.

You lose employment: Some of the finance based companies do not allow employees with bad credit history and hence you lose your job.

Difficulty in getting approval for apartment: House owners and landlords check for your credit history before signing the lease or agreement paper. Having a bad credit history will not allow you to get an approved apartment or a house to live.

Security deposit: Utility firms such as electricity, phone and cable would check your credit history as a part of application process. To provide utility services in your name they demand for a security deposit.

Methods to pay off credit card debt

On time payment: One should be careful in making the minimum payment at correct time and avoid late payment as we all know that the interest on the credit card increases double the amount.

Transferring debt to other account:  To take advantage of the lower interest rate and other promotional offers you can transfer the credit card debt from one card to another or you can take a loan from other account to pay off the credit card debt.

Seeking credit counseling services: It is better for an average individual to seek credit counseling services to pay off credit card debt. Credit counseling services are good for negotiating with lenders and they take minimum charge for their services.

Paying as much as possible:  If you have three credit card debt you should first make a list of your creditors, minimum amount and total amount to be paid and interest rate you are being charged. You should concentrate on the creditor which has least amount to be paid off.  Start paying the minimum amount to the other creditors and pay as much as possible to the least amount creditor.

By reading the above content one can understand the effects of having  credit card debt and methods to pay off credit card debt. is a website that has many different credit card debt settlement methods to help you overcome credit card debt issues.
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