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August 27, 2010
5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Bankruptcy Attorney
August 28, 2010
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There are something that you should be aware of when it comes to life after bankruptcy that we want to share with you that will hopefully help you get back on track.Life after bankruptcy can be simple or you can make it as difficult as you choose to; most people tend to make it difficult. Infact, research shows that over 7% of the people who file bankruptcy will end up filing it again later in down the road. Let us see at ways to get back your sredit life style after bankruptcy.


check your reports and credit scores. Request a credit report from each of the three agencies Experien, Equifax and Transuain and make sure your credit goes up
make sure your personal informations are updated, even residential  history needs to be asccurate and current
All lines on your credit report should show “Discharge in Bankruptcy” or “Included in Bankruptcy: and show zero balance. So that your previous deliquent accounts to show continous, post discharge delinquencies.
Reorganise all creditors that have made inquires to review your credit report. Because your creditors included in your petition will already have reviewed your crdit because you were delinquent on the account before you filled. Then you can remove any creditor inquires that you did not authorise or that were not from your original creditors
make sure you notify the credito bureaus to remove items once their time has passed. Normally, it takes 7yeras for an account to remain on your sredit report, sterting from the date of last activity. That is, date of your last purshase or payment.
make sure any new coolectin accounts that appear after filing are asccurate. That is make sure that the date of the new account posted to you by clectrion agency reflects the dates from the originasl debts owed from the original creditors not date it was posted to your account.


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