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May 6, 2011
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May 8, 2011
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Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are currently in a situation where you are facing overwhelming debt and the possibility of  foreclosure or repossession, a  Dallas Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyer at the Fears & Nachawati Law Firm may be able to help. We understand that dealing with these matters may be particularly complex and that your decisions in regard to filing for bankruptcy will affect you personally and financially for years to come. That is why we are dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention and dedicated representation they need to resolve their bankruptcy case swiftly and effectively.


You can experience the full benefits that bankruptcy has to offer and finally experience relief from overwhelming debt, creditor harassment and even foreclosure. Do not wait to contact our law firm to speak with a Dallas bankruptcy attorney about your legal rights and options in regarding to bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy may not be the right option for everyone. That is why the team at Fears & Nachawati will take the time to talk to you about your particular financial goals and will fully inform you of all the advantages and disadvantages to filing a  Chapter 7 or  Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. By answering your questions and offering you honest, straightforward advice, it is our goal to assist you in making an informed choice about filing for bankruptcy.


Many homeowners throughout the United States are facing foreclosure due to adjustable rate mortgages, financial difficulties and a number of other situations. Fortunately, there are options you may have in avoiding the foreclosure of your home. For example, filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code will place an automatic stay on the foreclosure of your home and may offer you the opportunity to pay past due payments through the repayment plan you arrange with the bankruptcy court.


At Fears & Nachawati, we want to help you in the face of foreclosure, repossession and continued collection efforts by creditors. It is our goal to offer you the second chance you deserve by helping you make the right choice about filing for bankruptcy. We represent clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area and the surrounding counties in Texas.


Losing your car or other personal property to repossession action is a horrible experience.  This financial scene has possible legal solutions that must be implemented immediately.   Even if you have already lost your car, it may be possible to return the vehicle with the help of a Dallas bankruptcy attorney.  The Fears & Nachawati Law Firm has helped countless individuals recover their vehicles and other personal property through implementation of federal bankruptcy laws.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing gives the individual the opportunity to reorganize their overdue payments and pay them off over a 3 – 5 year period.


Each case of financial distress is unique, and it is critical that you contact the firm quickly if you hope to avoid the repossession of your car or other personal property.   An experienced bankruptcy attorney from the firm will immediately review your situation and advise you how to avoid the loss of your car or other property that may be repossessed due to a failure to make payments.  When one is employed and making a paycheck, it is often possible to use the federal laws regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcy to solve the problem permanently.  The federal government has passed laws to protect citizens from crushing debt, and to give them a fresh start.


Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will not be required to liquidate as many assets as is necessary with Chapter 7.  Even in cases in which Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a better solution, often you will lose very little or none of your personal property, depending upon the specific circumstances of your case.  Don’t lose another night’s sleep over your worries about debts, repossession and credit collectors.  You are protected by the bankruptcy laws, and it is necessary to act quickly if you hope to avoid losing your car, home or other personal property.  Contact the Fears & Nachawati Law Firm today before it is too late.


Not necessarily. Different types of property are protected in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, including personal property and even a certain amount of equity in a home. Your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer can talk to you about what property you can protect.


Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy that involves the reorganization of debt through a repayment plan. The debtor will develop a plan to make monthly payments for a period of 3 to 5 years, after which time all remaining eligible debt will be discharged. Chapter 13 is often a viable option for debtors with stead incomes, facing foreclosure and with property they wish to protect.


Whether bankruptcy is the right option for you will depend on your particular financial situation and your goals for the future. At Fears & Nachawati, we are committed to helping our clients make the right choices about filing for bankruptcy. We will offer you the information you need to help you make an informed choice about bankruptcy and foreclosure defense.

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