Dealing with Bankruptcy if you are in Houston

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April 24, 2011
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April 25, 2011
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Dealing with Bankruptcy if you are in Houston

Before getting to know the major Bankruptcy firms in Houston, let us understand the term. Bankruptcy is a situation when it’s legally declared that an individual or an organization is unable to pay back its creditors. Creditors in turn could file a bankruptcy suit against a debtor. However, extremely, bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor, i.e. the insolvent individual or organization. Bankruptcy is a considered a social disgrace and needs the help of the law for a viable solution to all the parties concerned.  As an example, bankruptcy firms in Houston’s help people to file for bankruptcy relief under the Houston bankruptcy code.

Bankruptcy firms’ offer varied services, which includes giving sound advice and help regarding debt consolidation and managing personal finance. All the pros and cons of bankruptcy are explained, including how to begin on the road to a fresh new life and a more stable financial position. Helping consumers filing for bankruptcy is one of the Bankruptcy Firms’ areas of expertise. So clients know their work is being handled by some of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

The right guidance in legal help today can make a major difference tomorrow as you begin to build a better financial future. United States of America is considered the financial hub of the world. There are numerous people with numerous financial interpolations. That is why bankruptcy firms are found the most in the USA.

There are many such bankruptcy firms in Houston, Texas. Like The Charles Brown Law Firm, Weber Law Firm, Pullis Law Firm, Guzman Law Firm, Valdez & Pare, Keeling Law Firm, Fealy Law Firm, The Pope Law Firm, etc. Let us see some of the work profile of the major Bankruptcy firms in Houston.

•    Texas Bankruptcy Attorney: R.J.Atkinson, the attorney at one of the biggest bankruptcy firms in Houston, helps people & businesses in Texas file for Bankruptcy under Chapters 7, 11, & 13. As a Bankruptcy Lawyer, R.J. Atkinson has helped many people come out of bankruptcy debt which ran into millions of dollars.

•    Weber Law Firm lawyers: It rep¬re¬sents small busi¬nesses and individuals.  The lawyers there give advice on the need for debt re¬lief, ways to elim¬i¬nate debt, manage con¬tract ob-li¬ga¬tions, re¬or¬ga¬nize the busi¬ness, stabilise per¬son¬al financial af¬fairs, etc.

•    The Butler Firm: They serve individuals and businesses and are active in the proceedings that fall under the Bankruptcy Chapters. It includes Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 dealing with Consumers, and Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 dealing with business.

•    Valdez & Pare LLP: Its Houston based law firm which represents clients entangled in the Bankruptcy web.  One of the key points of theirs being that clients can access their attorneys 24/7.

•    Weston & Associates, PLLC: It’s a full time Houston bankruptcy firm, servicing debt relief and finance management. Apart from being a father and son team of Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys’, Pete Weston and Houston Debt Collection Abuse Attorney, Mike Weston have an experience of over 33 years in legal practice. Pete is a certified lawyer in consumer and business bankruptcy while Mikes’ expertise is in providing bankruptcy alternatives. This includes defending and avoiding credit card lawsuits, and also filing suits against abusive debt collectors.

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