Debt Relief Provided by Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami

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May 15, 2009
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May 16, 2009
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Debt Relief Provided by Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami

The downfall of economy in since the past year has caused crisis among people with respect to finance, jobs, cost cutting, loan repayment etc. This scenario has resulted in many people filing for bankruptcy due to the overwhelming amount of debt the creditors have to repay.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami  have legal expertise and experience to handle any client’s case in the most efficient way. The Bankruptcy Law is created to release people from economic bondage and give them an opportunity to start afresh.

Even though bankruptcy can assist some people, a person cannot acquire these benefits without assuming certain duties. It is always advisable to hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami  to handle all your legal proceedings and filing of your petitions. Filing for bankruptcy under the new laws can be complicated for any consumer and hence it is essential to consult a bankruptcy lawyer who is familiar with all the proceedings.

There are 3 types of bankruptcies under which an individual can file a petition:

·         Chapter 7- liquidation

·         Chapter 11- reorganisation

·         Chapter 13- adjustments of debts

Certain debts are “non-dischargeable” and hence even filing for bankruptcy will not excuse them. These include baby support, alimony, centralized taxes, education loans, fine in an unlawful case and debts arising from the commission of an unruly wrong act.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami  set two courses for their clients, the first one being to file a case and the second course being to receive a discharge. Debtors must submit the relevant documents to the court and a copy to their creditors showing their current tax returns.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami  help you to be aware of your rights and duties under the bankruptcy law. Lawyers also help you to put an end to the harassment, threats and insults hurled at you by your creditors.

Financial hardships of returning debts to the creditors can be an unmanageable task which requires lengthy procedures, settlements and consultation. Thus to regain your financial stability you need lots of patience and support. Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami  help you get through the rough patch of bankruptcy and help you to protect your rights in the best possible way.

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