Extended Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

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August 23, 2011
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August 24, 2011
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Extended Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

The Claveran Law Firm delivers aid and advice to customers throughout Extended Beach, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California. We have a varied practice, concentrating in the areas of bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, and workers compensation law. Laura E. Claveran has over 20 years knowledge serving as an helpful, successful legal advocate for her customers. Ms. Claveran supplies unparalleled personal service to each and every and each client, and is firmly committed to altering the planet 1 client at a time.

Ms. Claveran is dedicated to assisting and aggressively advocating for her customers. For those facing economic difficulties such as foreclosure, Ms. Claveran negotiates with lenders to modify their loans. She is highly experienced representing customers in bankruptcy proceedings, yet she also counsels her customers as to alternatives to bankruptcy. She assists clients with immigration problems, naturalization and citizenship, and employment-related visas. She is regularly sought for legal assistance by investors and entrepreneurs. Her commitment to offering honest and complete services to her customers is what sets her apart – as a premier attorney who will fight for you.

If you are faced with a complicated legal problem, whether it involves monetary difficulties such as doable foreclosure or credit card debt, help with an immigration or genuine estate matter, or injuries sustained at work or from the negligence of somebody else, contact the Claveran Law Firm right now for aggressive, honest, and devoted representation.


We give a free initial consultation via phone or e mail, and can be reached at 888.838.0431.

Are you faced with the prospect of declaring bankruptcy? Laura Claveran is a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney who is dedicated to aggressively advocating for customers facing economic difficulties. The present economic climate has forced several beneficial people to weigh their specific needs, and seek out a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer well versed in the law, but who will also battle to assess alternatives. What most people today wish is a lawyer who will work with creditors and lenders, and proceed with bankruptcy only as a last resort. Laura Claveran is a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney who will work with you personally to weigh all of your possibilities, and views bankruptcy as the final potential resort.

A free consultation with a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer, whether facing personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy, will help instant ease your mind. Facing bankruptcy is not a cause to really feel ashamed, and financial complications are not a thing that will merely go away. Whether facing foreclosure or basically attempting to get back on one’s feet and start over, Laura Claveran is a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer offering answers and options.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer
Our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney services are one-on-a single and will right away provide peace of thoughts realizing there is promise for recovery. We are proud to offer Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer representation at an reasonably priced price if you decide on to utilize our services.

With 20 years as a Los Angeles attorney, Laura Claveran has remained diligent in her focus to alter the globe a single client at a time. We pride ourselves on listening first, then moving forward easily with a plan that is efficient and speedy. You will need a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney who is honest and experienced to regain confidence and economic independence. We can aid you attain this objective.

Your search for a Lengthy Beach Bankruptcy Attorney will need go no further for matters relating to Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Take advantage of your free bankruptcy lengthy beach consultation and locate out what makes Laura Claveran the premier Lengthy Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer. Alleviate your worry and give your self the gift of a bright future free of monetary anxiety. Give Laura Claveran the privilege of providing you her personalized service and dedication. Or commitment to providing honest and complete service is what sets us apart.
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