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December 4, 2014
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Bankruptcy Filing Tips

File For Bankruptcy Miami

File For Bankruptcy Miami

When you  File for Bankruptcy Miami, there are many things that can go wrong from mistakes. Your Debt will get worse if you don’t file correctly or just neglect to do so. Get advice from an attorney long before you file for bankruptcy. This filing process is a huge step and game changer for a debtor. Here are some tips with Bankruptcy that you should think about before filing.

  • Realize that Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone, and won’t solve every problem.
  • Get an attorney.
  • Assess your financing.
  • Be aware of your cosigners.
  • Inform all debtors and creditors before filing.
  • Be aware of non-dischargeable debts.
  • If you are being audited, bankruptcy will not stop the audit but may pause it.

Before you File For Bankruptcy Miami, check for every other option outside of bankruptcy. The American Bankruptcy Institute suggests bankruptcy may be an option for people who: Have had their wages garnished or bank accounts frozen after judgments. Have most of their debts in unsecured loans, such as credit card bills or medical or doctor’s bills. Have debt collection agencies calling at home or work. Have lawsuits filed against them. Always see an attorney for a bankruptcy case. Inform the attorney as to whether you have filed a return for each of the past three years. If you have not filed yet this year, consider doing so before filing for bankruptcy, unless you know you’re going to get a substantial refund. If you have filed already, make sure the attorney has all tax records, and make sure you have a general explanation of how you used any refund money. The trustees always ask. If you get a refund, and you are considering bankruptcy, do not pay bills with the money. Doing so will slow the processing of your bankruptcy case.

File your taxes on time each year. The IRS assesses separate penalties for failure to file and failure to pay, and they will find out if you owe them money even if you do not file. So save yourself at least half the aggravation by adhering to that mid-April deadline.

Law offices offices of Andres Montejo will help you File For Bankruptcy Miami. Remember bankruptcy isn’t for everyone. We’ll be able to help you decide whether to file for bankruptcy or not!  We believe in our client’s success. Please ask us any questions concerning your bankruptcy.

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