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August 4, 2010
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Find Honest Counsel with Law Office of Michael Levitis


Recently many debt settlement companies have come up that provide debt settlement services to all those who got caught in the net of debt and couldn’t payback due to ongoing recession in US.  These debt settlement companies promise to get you the best deal and save your credit ratings but its always wise to makes sure that the company you are selecting are professional enough and actually in a position to deliver what they are promising like Law Office of Michael Levitis who share all the details of their debt negotiations with the lenders with you. Fee that you need to pay to the debt settlement agency in lieu of their services depends upon reputation and capability of the service provider and amount of your debts.


These debt settlement agencies take a fixed sum of money from you every month and deposit it in a trust which they create. Meanwhile they start credit debt negotiation on your behalf with the lenders to reduce the loan amount. Once the deal is struck, the debt settlement company makes the payment to the lenders from the trust account where you have been depositing a monthly amount. If there is enough money in the trust to payback the entire balance money to the lenders they pay it as a lump sum otherwise they ask the lender to allow the balance payment in easy installments. Law Office of Michael Levitis have some of the best debt negotiatorsworking with them who provideperfect Debt Settlement solutions.


Law Office of Michael Levitis is one of the leading debt settlement companies whose debt settlement program you can rely on completely. Their huge knowledge, know-how and transparency in providing debt solution are unrivaled. They state all the expenses and other terms conditions clearly in the contract which are easy to understand so that their clients should have prior information and should not feel cheated at any point of time. They work determinedly to offer instant debt relief in the shortest possible time and take care of all those hostile phone calls by collection companies on your behalf.





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You can contact Law Office of Michael Levitis through e-mail for online debt help. You can also call their office and they will be more than happy to help you in whatever possible way they can. You can also visit to know more about Business debt settlement services they offer inBrooklyn and in New York.
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