First Steps To Understanding The Bankruptcy Code

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March 12, 2011
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March 14, 2011
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First Steps To Understanding The Bankruptcy Code

Becoming bankrupt is not something that many people think about. There are occasions when this will happen and these individuals will need to file for bankruptcy. The assorted chapters of bankruptcy like chapter 13, and chapter 11 are taken from the bankruptcy code. This code was established by the US congress.

Believe it or not, much of these laws are in place to protect the individuals who are having financial problems. Below we will outline what the bankruptcy codes are and what they mean to you.

These laws were put in place so that there was a uniform law about bankruptcy that could be found throughout the US. These laws from the bankruptcy code are designed to protect the person who is in debt from further problems.

There are currently four main types of bankruptcy laws that are taken from the bankruptcy code. You will recognize these bankruptcy laws as chapters. Chapter 11 is one of the bankruptcy laws that can be found in the bankruptcy code under the heading chapter 11.

The different chapters inside the bankruptcy code provide info for people who are in debt. The various ways that the law can work to keep you safe from unreasonable hassles can be found inside the pages of the bankruptcy code chapters.

As a citizen you have the right to view and read these laws. The only problem that we see is it is typically to late for most people. Meaning they are already in financial trouble, so reading about the laws to stop the bankruptcy may not work. However, you will still want to understand the rights you have being in a bankrupt state of affairs.

While the US government has provided the framework for these laws of the bankruptcy code each state has the right to pass other laws that will work in accordance with the bankruptcy code. They don’t have the right to change the law, just factors that pertain to their specific state can they add.

The states can only provide other laws that are compatible with their state’s laws. Otherwise the states themselves don’t have the power to govern how the bankruptcy code works.

There are many dissimilar and new laws that you can find when you look through the bankruptcy code. One of the new laws that you will find is the altered state of the debtor-creditor relationship.

While the different states can’t vary the basic rules of the bankruptcy code they do have the right to interpret how these bankruptcy claims are filed and acted on in their respective states.

If there is a major change to the bankruptcy code this change will be passed by congress. One such change that has taken effect alters the rules of bankruptcy for chapter 7. In this part of the bankruptcy code all debtors must prove that they have the right to file for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy was established and put into place to address those that are in financial trouble and for creditors to get their money back. This of course if a very general definition, but will serve the point. So be responsible and spend less than you make.

They will be allowed to file for bankruptcy only if these people have fulfilled a counseling session. This step has been taken to hold that the bankruptcy code is not being misused by the assorted individuals who want to avoid paying their various debts. As the bankruptcy code has been placed for our shelter it is best if you handle these laws with respect.

Remember, bankruptcy is here to help and if you respect the laws of the code then it can be used as a tool if you are every in the need.

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