Golden State Law Group Opens its Doors in San Diego for Consumer Debt Protection

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October 7, 2010
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October 13, 2010
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Golden State Law Group Opens its Doors in San Diego for Consumer Debt Protection

The Golden State Law Group is proud to announce the grand opening of their new offices in downtown San Diego. Golden State Law Group handles Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 issues as well as bankruptcy and all debt relief solutions.

We are living in times that are very troubling, in an economic sense, more than any period in many of our lifetimes.  People in Southern California are struggling daily with basic obligations that, only a few years ago, were simply an afterthought.  If the situation sounds all too familiar to you, you are far from alone. Debt problems, insolvency and bankruptcy are the everyday casualties of, what many are now calling, “The Great Recession.” That is where the Golden State Law Group can help.

The good news is there are options for just about every financial situation, no matter how troubling it may seem.  In the state of California, one of these options is filing for bankruptcy protection.  In the real world, filing for bankruptcy has often carried a stigma with it—one that makes it a very difficult choice for anyone trying to manage their debts. People have been filing for bankruptcy protection for the past several generations, but statistics show that more people have filed for consumer bankruptcy protection in the United States during the past year than ever before, which is indicative of the financial struggles that people are enduring.

As consumer advocates, Golden State Law Group is here to help you through this troubling time. Whether you have faced a loss of employment or sudden loss of income, have seen your home value drop to below its selling price, or have suffered a work injury that has reduced your salary or pay; you may be one of thousands of San Diegans that are forced to look at the reality of filing for bankruptcy protection.

Golden State Law Group can help you navigate through the economic malaise and get you back on track with your debts and your life. We can help eliminate the fear and doubts that come from being stuck in a financial situation that seemingly has no way out. Rather than feeling fear and anxiety every time your phone rings, you can rely on the counsel of the Golden State Law Group to help you deal with debt collectors and rude telephone harassment.

Golden State Law Group can help you plot a course to financial recovery. Doing so is not as difficult as it may seem. It is true that when your phone rings and your mailbox fills with threatening letters, there seems at times to be no way out. And the lawyers at the Golden State Law Group are not saying that there won’t be some challenges along the way, but these challenges will have an end point, which is a distinct difference from the collection efforts that are either ongoing or about to begin.

If you’re ready to obtain a fresh financial start and to regain your peace of mind and quality of life, contact the San Diego bankruptcy lawyers at the Golden State Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Golden State Law Group is a team of long-term bankruptcy and debt negotiation specialists with over 40+ years of combined experience handling California bankruptcy filings, Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 issues.
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