How Do You Know When You Should File Bankruptcy?

Things You Need to Know Before Filing Personal Bankruptcy
August 12, 2010
Property Taxes and Your Bankruptcy
August 13, 2010
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How Do You Know When You Should File Bankruptcy?

I got the idea in the back of my head that the very last thing any person wants to do is file for bankruptcy protection. When they get around to finally calling their attorney, on average, they have waited 2 to 3 years longer then they should have before filing a bankruptcy.

During this time they haven’t answered their phones or jump when it rings, haven’t opened mail, dreading when the doorbell rings and maintain their financial secrets from friends and family.

There is no bright line rule for determining when a person should file for bankruptcy protection. I have attached a list of indicators when filing a bankruptcy is probably in a person’s best interest.

Home foreclosure or car repossession. Your credit is already destroyed by now anyway. Also the creditor is bound to file a lawsuit in a year or two for the deficiency from the resale of home or car, if there is any.
Garnishments or a tax levy. If you are unable to pay a creditor unless forced to do so by a court order, usually means then other creditors cannot be paid.
You have stopped paying bills. If you cannot pay the debt, why leave it hanging over your head for future problems.
Have more debt then you can foreseeable pay off or borrowing money to pay off loans.

While your credit still may be ok, if your debt structure is to large to pay off in the foreseeable future all you’re really doing is moving furniture around on the Titanic. Ask yourself where your ship is really going.

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