How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

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October 13, 2011
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October 14, 2011
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How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy law is considered an extremely technical field of law. Be cautious of lawyers that practice in other fields other than bankruptcy law because staying on top of bankruptcy law updates and changes successfully is hard enough without also taking a crack at other areas of law completely. Look for a lawyer that specializes exclusively in the field of consumer bankruptcy law.

For you to find a good bankruptcy lawyer in Provo, a good reference point is the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys web site. Through that web site, you can find a lawyer in your area that specializes in consumer bankruptcy law. If you happen to reside in Utah, a bankruptcy lawyer in Provo will be of great help. Other than that, a referral from a co-worker, friend and a family member should be the best signal of the reputation of a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Once you have determined about the type of bankruptcy attorney you want, you must start your search by looking for the accurate places. Utilizing the Internet is the most convenient and fastest ways to immediately obtain a list of each bankruptcy lawyer that is operating in your area. On one hand, you can also contact the local bar organization for additional information concerning a bankruptcy attorney you are interested in.


Personally, I would suggest choosing a few bankruptcy lawyers in Provo and going to preliminary sessions with each. Many bankruptcy lawyers will offer free preliminary sessions for those individuals who consider filing for a bankruptcy. Most of these consultations or talks can be very useful to a debtor for a range of reasons.

A good bankruptcy lawyer will first interrogate you thoroughly concerning your financial situation. Do not be alarmed if the meeting between you and the Provo bankruptcy lawyer takes an hour or longer. The lawyer does this to determine if filing a bankruptcy is suitable for your situation. A bankruptcy lawyer will provide you a particular chapter if he sees that there is a possibility of bankruptcy. On the other hand, a lawyer can offer advice on possible alternatives that may offer a proven solution to your problem if bankruptcy is not the suitable solution. In addition, the lawyer must be able to define exactly how registering bankruptcy will affect you, both after and during the case. Do not hesitate to ask the lawyer if bankruptcy is the suitable option, and how registering bankruptcy will affect you.

If you plan to obtain first an initial consultation with your prospect bankruptcy lawyer Provo, be sure to come to the consultation thoroughly prepared. Bring the following documents listed below with you to let the lawyer properly offer you a complete analysis of your financial situation.

• Some court documents you keep;

• latest two years tax returns;

• previous six months paychecks;

• spouses’ paychecks for past six months;

• credit reports;

• bank statements; and

• statements for vehicles and the home you own.

Lastly, question the bankruptcy lawyer who will be holding your case. Several firms rely on outsourced lawyers and paralegals to process much of the casework. Be sure the lawyer clearly defines to you precisely who will be handling your case.

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