How to Get a Cheap Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

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January 22, 2011
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January 24, 2011
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How to Get a Cheap Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

How to Get a Cheap Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney in Minneapolis

Fees for a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney can vary from around $2,200 (like us) to as much as $5,000 for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.  Not only do we keep our rates competitive, but we also offer a guarantee that if you find any Minnesota bankruptcy attorney with a cheaper fee we will beat it by $50.

Below are some more ways that can help you save money and get a cheap Minnesota bankruptcy attorney.
Bankruptcy Alternatives Can Save You Money

Do you think bankruptcy your only option?  Unfortunately, too many people are forced into bankruptcy without ever knowing that there are other options.  Usually we are able to negotiate to reduce your debts by over 50%.  Sometimes working out a debt reduction is a better option than filing for bankruptcy.

A Minnesota bankruptcy attorney has more leverage to negotiate your debts down than you because creditors known that the attorney can file bankruptcy for your.  In this case, creditors prefer to negotiate because they will usually get less money if you end up in bankruptcy than if they get 50% of what you owe them directly from you.

Besides negotiations there are other ways to reduce your debts.  Be sure to pick a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney that does not only persuade you into bankruptcy.  Instead choose one that is willing to explain all of your options and allows you to decide what will work best for you.

Basically a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney might be able to assist you in getting rid of your debts cheaper than a bankruptcy would cost you, especially if you consider the impact that a bankruptcy has on your credit and ability to get loans.
Bulk Discount: Cheaper Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

Some Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers including us will give you a discount if you and your spouse are both filing for bankruptcy.  Sometimes this discount is also available if you come along with another family member or a friend.  A Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer can offer the services cheaper because the attorney will likely spend less time communicating with both of you than if the attorney had to communicate with two separate clients.
Warning: Don’t File Your Own Bankruptcy to Save Money

The federal bankruptcy law is complicated and very confusing.  It is not worthwhile to try to file bankruptcy and pay the filing fees and end up finding out that you make a mistake and your debts are not discharged.

Even most seasoned Minneapolis attorneys that are not experienced with bankruptcy law refuse to do bankruptcy on their own.  They find the bankruptcy law and process too confusing too do it without the help of someone with experience in bankruptcy law.  It is not just Minneapolis attorneys that are like this.  St. Paul and other attorneys through the Twin Cities are also like this.

I have yet to hear of a person who filed for bankruptcy on their own that did not end up with problems that resulted in them having to hire a bankruptcy attorney.  Usually the attorney then charges more to clean up the mess of them filing on their own than if they had just gone to the bankruptcy attorney in the first place.

Unfortunately the bankruptcy system is not cheaper or simpler and it is just a fact that must be accepted that to file bankruptcy you will need to hire a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer.
Warning: Don’t Buy Bankruptcy Books

In most cases bankruptcy books are a waste of time and money because you can get the best advice for your situation by meeting with us for free.  For free you can meet with a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney to look at your particular situation and avoid wasting time and money on bankruptcy books.  Additionally, if you file for bankruptcy now, the books will likely be useless the next time you file for bankruptcy due to the ever changing bankruptcy law in Minnesota.
Warning: Don’t Fall Prey to Online Bankruptcy Scams

Online there are many companies that try to make money by taking advantage of people in debt.  Often they will try to sell you programs, illegitimate services, and scams.  It is best to stick to getting bankruptcy advice from people who are lawfully authorized to give legal advice (i.e. attorneys).  Also, there is no reason to spend money when we offer a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to look at your situation and let you know your options that include alternatives to bankruptcy.
Other Ways to Get a Cheap Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer in Minneapolis

If you know of other ways to find a cheap Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer in Minneapolis, leave a comment below.

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