Is Bankruptcy Filing An Effective Option For Foreclosure?

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October 2, 2011
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Is Bankruptcy Filing An Effective Option For Foreclosure?

In recent times, several men and women are undergoing major financial hassles since existing credit problems and also stuck with much personal debt. Personal arrears combined with many other situations for example marital concerns, health problems, as well as task damage, all these greatly damage your option to do prompt payments of your house loan.

The end effect of all these problems is home foreclosure, which is nothing but shedding your house. And yet, you can prohibit the foreclosure approach, or maybe you could postpone it for several months through certain strategies. Among those, declaring bankruptcy is the useful techniques to avoid property foreclosure.

Regardless if or not bankruptcy filing is a good option to meet your needs, it will be planned through visiting a good bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy option gives you the safety you wanted. As early as you file bankruptcy, it gets illicit to your mortgage companies to pressure you for further payment amount.

If you have not been kicked out from your home but still, bankruptcy will slow down the system and provide you with even more duration to leave. If you file either chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13, legal court claims an order often called “automatic stay”. This stay prevents any kind of collection actions from your lenders. Moreover your property is designed for the foreclosure sale; it’ll be officially postponed for a minimum of three to four months.


When the provider gets permission with the bankruptcy court to continue the sale procedure, you possibly will not get three to four months time. In these cases also, bankruptcy can help to delay the sale at least for a month.

How chapter 13 bankruptcy aids in home foreclosure?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be the only method to keep your home. Chapter 13 lets you pay off the unsettled debts with the duration of the repayment schedule you recommend. With this, you should have a reliable income source to clear the mortgage payments and at the same period you are repaying your liabilities. In the event you make all the vital payments in the period offered by your bankruptcy judge, then you’ll stay away from the foreclosure method and you may save your home.

Also, chapter 13 aids you to take out the money with the second or 3rd mortgage loan. It’s because, when the primary mortgage loan is usually protected by the total price of your home, then you might not necessarily possess property to sustain the later mortgages. It will let bankruptcy court to take away the 2nd and third home mortgages plus rearrange these as unsecured debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy assists to give off the unsecured obligations.

How chapter 7 aids in property foreclosure?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy may keep a continue to the foreclosure approach and provide you with 2-3 months time. Besides that, it’ll help to save some money in the process and also prevent debts which can be secured by your home, in addition to initial property loan and 2nd mortgage loan as well as equity mortgages. Chapter 7 allows you to remove the personal liability under the promissory note, yet it doesn’t take out the lien. Also, everybody is able to not file chapter 7. Chapter 7 quite often causes you to shed the house which you don’t plan to quit. You can consider bankruptcy as the best solution to be released from under your unsecured debt as well as tax liability.

San Bernardino Foreclosure attorney can help you a lot. Consulting a San Bernardino bankruptcy lawyer gives you detailed information about how bankruptcy helps to prevent foreclosure process.

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