Massachusetts bankruptcy and bankruptcy lawyers: What you NEED to know

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Massachusetts bankruptcy and bankruptcy lawyers: What you NEED to know

Yes, it can happen that the small business which you own in Massachusetts can get damaged in a snowstorm. Let’s say you don’t have a business, still with the recent economic condition your negotiation with the creditors can fail; repossession can loom large, you can find yourself naked deep in debts. More to it, your insurance coverage can no longer then deal your financial losses and your monthly income can then seem to be too slim in paying the bills. So, you are left with the option to declare bankruptcy.

Still, the decision to declare bankruptcy is indeed not an easy one. As a matter of fact bankruptcy stays on your credit report for ten long years and although lending criteria are changing yet lenders still do not consider the applicant who has had a bankruptcy. Does that mean it’s wrong to file bankruptcy? No, it’s not because bankruptcy is legal and it is a request to the federal court to relieve you from your debts, legally. It is in fact the last resort to get rid of your debt with dignity and the reliable legal option to start afresh.

The bankruptcy law has defined different types of bankruptcy like Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. While Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the individual bankruptcy, on the other hand, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is typically structured to cater to the business entities. For the anglers and the farmers there exists the Chapter 12 bankruptcy.

Research well, consider your financial status and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy as an option, prior filing it. Try to make a list of all your assets and their approximate value on a piece of paper. Now list and add up all your debts and look closely to your debt amount and asset’s value. Do you think that the debts are exceeding your assets to a large percentage? If yes, then it’s time to consider bankruptcy.

And when you are almost convinced to take action, start the filing process. It is however advisable to use the emergency filing in order to obtain an automatic stay if you think that foreclosure or garnishment is just round the corner. However, the new bankruptcy law is pretty complicated so once the wolves are at bay, you need to make the decision of hiring Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney if you wish to file your bankruptcy in Massachusetts. The fact is, you need an expert to represent your case, so shop around and do not shy away from negotiating. Ask questions and also talk to several attorneys before you make your decision.

Select the most qualified bankruptcy attorney to get the best service. How? Well it’s simple. Consider the following tips.

Flip through the Yellow Page:  The yellow page is indeed a helpful source while searching for the bankruptcy attorney. The yellow pages usually categorize the attorneys in terms of their specialization. Look under the subheading like, ‘bankruptcy attorneys’ or ‘bankruptcy lawyers’ to get the list of attorneys. Identify the attorneys near you, for example if you stay in Boston then, look for Boston bankruptcy lawyer.  However, do not consider yellow page as your online guide but as your starting point in identifying the attorneys near you.

Recommendations and referrals: Another way to select the bankruptcy attorney is to take references from those who are more familiar with bankruptcy law and lawyer.  These recommendations will help you to have an insight into the lawyer’s competence.

Consider the attorney’s good stand: Correspond with your state bar association to be assured about the Attorney’s good stand in the state.

Attorney’s working relationship: The bankruptcy lawyer whom you choose will be the person to work with you for months or may be even for years. So be sure about your comfort level while working with him.  Consider the following points while conversing with your bankruptcy attorney

Ask the lawyer about how long he or she is in practice.
Also ask about how many cases they have handled and solved so far
Ask him specifically that whether or not he will be personally attending to your case or pass it on to his juniors.

Do not be in haste while selecting the bankruptcy lawyer. If you are in Massachusetts, then consider the Massachusetts bankruptcy center, as your legal ally to hold your hand in need. The Massachusetts bankruptcy center has a number of locations dotted all across Massachusetts.  With expert bankruptcy attorneys and support staff, the law center provides you tailor made solutions to help you in regaining your financial stability.




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