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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Medley

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Medley

There are two basic types of bankruptcy categories that most everyone falls into. These two types of bankruptcy are called Chapter 7 (liquidated) and Chapter 13 (reorganization). These two while both bankruptcy, are extremely different in what they will allow, cover, and how they work to help you. The ideal situation is one that will help and allow you to eliminate your financial debt, keep your belongings, and start a new life of financial freedom.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

This is also known as liquidation, this can be filed by any person that owns a business or not. Chapter 7 included selling your property, that of which is not exempt under the law, in efforts to pay off your debt as much as you possibly can. There are certain items that are exempt in a Chapter 7 filing, such as your, vehicle, home furnishings, and your personal clothing. Of course, this only works on debts that are unsecured, secured debts that you have placed collateral on will give you a few choices. You could allow repossession of the property, continue to make payments *upon agreement of the lender* under the contract originally signed, or make a lump sum payment that is equal to the amount of the current value of the property. Arrange a free confidential legal consultation today and be on your way to financial stability once again.

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STOP those harassing activities from unscrupulous collection agencies, they are illegal and YOU have rights!! Many of you are very afraid of what will happen to your lives as a result of your difficulties in keeping up with your obligations. Some of you are even losing your homes to foreclosure. People don’t know where to turn in order to get proper advice. I have been helping many clients like you get through these hard times. I will take all the necessary time to speak to you and explain the pros and cons of all the alternatives available to you. Let me help you clarify your options with good honest advice.

Bankruptcy happens; it’s a hard fact of life. That doesn’t mean you need to lose your property over it. I will defend you and your family and make sure that you understand your rights.

Don’t let bankruptcy defeat you. Defend your legal rights with my help. Call Bankruptcy Lawyer in Medley today for a free consultation! Feel free to surf this site for information related to this topic.

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