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July 17, 2014
Chapter 13
July 17, 2014

    Mortgage/Loan Modification

    Given the recent mortgage meltdown, the most recognized form of secured debt negotiations is loan modification. There are several companies that claim to be loan modification experts. While some are legitimate companies, most are glorified paper-pushers who just file the paperwork without understanding the programs for which you may qualify or what criteria you will need to meet to be considered for a loan modification. Our attorneys understand mortgage law and the trends in modification and litigation.

    While the new administration’s $75 billion foreclosure-prevention program will help some homeowners, many people won’t qualify under the proposed guidelines. Many mortgages are too upside down to qualify or aren’t owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Our attorneys are abreast of the new plans and will be able to determine for what assistance, if any, you will qualify. If you aren’t able to qualify under the new plans, we are still able to negotiate modifications under the investor’s previous modification guidelines. Additionally, we can advise you how to increase your odds of success for modification because we know the majority of the servicers’ and investors’ guidelines.

    We at the Law Offices of Andres Montejo, Esq., will NOT give you false expectations. It is extremely important to recognize that loan modification is payment based and not price based. Our attorneys’ sole goal is to keep you in your home with an affordable monthly payment. Once we review your loan information during your free consultation, we will provide you with our assessment of the probable results of a modification. If these results do not meet your goals, then we will work with you to find another solution.

    There are other options in secured debt negotiations. If you don’t wish to stay in your home, we can negotiate other options which won’t affect your credit nearly as much as a foreclosure. Our attorneys will discuss all options with you and help you choose which is right for you in your current situation.

    On a side note, many people think that going with a loan modification company will save them money because attorneys are expensive. We are able to provide these services to you for less than many of these companies because we have developed methods which cut our time in half, thereby passing the savings on to you. If you are considering hiring a modification company to complete your modification, please feel free to call us beforehand to ensure the company is on the up and up and operating legally. It’s a free call and it can save you lots of money and headaches in the future. Again, we at the Law Offices of Andres Montejo, Esq., are here to help you, the consumer.

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