Newburyport Lawyer “making Waves”

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Newburyport Lawyer “making Waves”

NEWBURYPORT, Massachusetts – Newburyport lawyer Steven A. Berlin recently headlined “Let’s Get Real,” a real estate show on WNBP, Newburyport.
The show is hosted by Gail Tufts of RE-MAX on the River, and Ellen Lewis.
“We discussed a number of issues surrounding real estate,” Berlin said. “We had a good, well-rounded discussion.”
Berlin’s law practice, located at 79 State Street in Newburyport, focuses on not only real-estate law but also on bankrupcty law.
The Law Offices of Steven A. Berlin are a federally designated “debt relief agency.”
Berlin can be reached at 978-462-4900 or

 Berlin said people are leery of lawyers but that the legal profession is continually trying to do a better job of promoting the key role they play in the criminal-justice system.

“In the 21st century lawyers have to redefine the way we do business,” Berlin said in an interview. “It is no longer OK to just sit around and let the client come to us. A good lawyer needs to be proactive in his or her approach to new clients.”

Berlin added, “Yes, we’ve all heard the lawyer jokes. But when you need an attorney who will defend you at a time when you are afraid or looking for compassionate legal help, lawyer jokes are not helpful.”

With the national economic roller-coaster, Berlin said, “The most pressing question on many people’s minds is, ‘How am I going to make my next month’s payments, whether it is credit card payments, utilities, rent or a mortgage?’ You, like me, cannot wait for the government to help you….that help may not come, or may come too late or it may have so many strings attached that you can not meet the standard to get help.Therefore, you need to consider seeking help from a legal professional.”

The state bar associations provide legal referrals for people unsure of where to turn.

Berlin’s law office is what is called a federally designated “debt relief agency.”


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