NJ Bankruptcy Attorney – Where to find the good ones!

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September 1, 2010
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NJ Bankruptcy Attorney – Where to find the good ones!

Though the need to declare bankruptcy is something that most people hope doesn’t happen to them, the fact is that bankruptcy is often the best option when an individual or business faces catastrophic debts they are unable to pay. Being a federal legal matter, bankruptcy laws are more or less the same throughout the United States and usually do not depend much on the state in which the bankruptcy legal proceedings are taking place.
Bankruptcy is sometimes also initiated by a creditor (lender) to secure a portion of the debt repayment. This usually happens in more extreme cases but may be the best means of a lender to recoup losses.

Bankruptcy attorneys are usually located in a specific state and often offer their services to local people in need of assistance. A bankruptcy lawyer assists a debtor or creditor with the legal proceedings of bankruptcy and attempts to secure the best terms of debt restructuring or repayment.

Two of the best ways to locate good bankruptcy attorneys in New Jersey is to use the phonebook and the internet.

The Phonebook

While internet searches for various businesses and professionals is becoming more and more widespread, the phone book is still a good means of locating service providers such as bankruptcy attorneys. The bankruptcy attorneys in the local area that the phone book covers will be listed alphabetically. They may also have full page ads showcasing their specific services.

The Internet

The internet has a number of sites that specialize in locating reputable attorneys. Here are a few:



The site Lawyers.com is a good searchable website and utility that allows users to search for lawyers by state. While this site lists lawyers of all types, it allows visitors to specify a type of law practice, in this case bankruptcy lawyers, and then search by state and county for listings. This site is like having all the phonebooks from the various counties in New Jersey accessible at once. It also allows users to select specific attorneys or law firms that deal with bankruptcy and compare rates. The phone number, physical address and email address of the lawyer/law firm are provided, and the user can click through to the lawyer’s website.


This site is run by a single law firm – Reinherz & Reinhez – that is specifically local to New Jersey. The visitor can click on the NJ Bankruptcy Attorney tab and will arrive at a page that deals specifically with bankruptcy law.


This site is entirely devoted bankruptcy law and has a clickable map of the United States on which visitors can click to find their state of interest. Clicking on New Jersey brings up a page with the New Jersey counties, and clicking on one of these brings up a list of bankruptcy lawyers in the area.

If you are either a debtor or creditor facing bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy, your best bet is to talk to a reputable bankruptcy lawyer about your options. The resources mentioned above are a good place to start your lawyer search. Once you have selected some lawyers in your area, you can further search their backgrounds and get references to help you decide on the bankruptcy lawyer that is right for you.

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