Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain Everything

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February 28, 2011
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Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain Everything

Before filing Ohio bankruptcy, speak with a bankruptcy lawyer. They’ll tell about the particulars of filing for Ohio bankruptcy and about the bankruptcy exemptions you can use. In the state of Ohio, you can use federal bankruptcy exemptions along with bankruptcy exemptions particular to the state of Ohio.

For example, when filing Ohio bankruptcy, one Ohio bankruptcy exemptions is a wild card. This allows you to have a bankruptcy exemption on any piece of property for up to $400. Other bankruptcy exemptions particular to the state of Ohio include real or personal property used as a residence, insurance benefits, pensions, wages, tools of tool, public benefits, and personal property.

Federal bankruptcy exemptions that you can use include retirement benefits, survivor’s benefits, death & disability benefits, and miscellaneous bankruptcy exemptions such as military group life insurance. Not all of either the list of federal bankruptcy exemptions or state bankruptcy exemptions will apply to your bankruptcy case. If you have not served in the military, for example, military group life insurance does not concern you or your bankruptcy.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will be familiar with both federal and state bankruptcy exemptions. They will go over your bankruptcy case with you and decide which bankruptcy exemptions work best with your particular bankruptcy case. They will also know where to file your bankruptcy case at.

Bankruptcy is a federal procedure that must be filed at and processed in a federal court. In the state of Ohio, you file for bankruptcy in either of two districts. You can file at the Northern Ohio Bankruptcy District or the Southern Ohio Bankruptcy District, depending upon where you reside. There are various locations throughout both districts that have courthouses where bankruptcies actually take place.

Be aware that bankruptcy is a right granted by the constitution, but it is not to be taken lightly. It is to be viewed only as a last resort and as the only way out of a bad situation for some people.

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