Steps to Select a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

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March 28, 2011
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Steps to Select a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

You need the service of an expert business bankruptcy lawyer, if you have made up your mind to close the business bankruptcy file. The selection of a good bankruptcy attorney is crucial or else you may end up spending money but gaining nothing from his service. The following are the steps of choosing the best Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.

Select a Certified Bankruptcy Attorney

You had better consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney to file a bankruptcy suit. It is crucial to have a certified and experienced lawyer beside you, as the bankruptcy case is related to your business. He should have specialization in business bankruptcy and expertise in business bankruptcy proceedings. He should be familiar with the bankruptcy laws of the state where you live in. It is good to hire a native bankruptcy lawyer.

Approach the Local Bar Association

The Local Bar Association may not recommend any bankruptcy attorney. The way they can help you is to provide you with a list of bankruptcy attorneys in the local area and their contact numbers. Check their credentials and qualifications with the American Board of Certification to select the one who fits the bill.

Talk to Friends and Acquaintances

Being a businessman, you most probably have a personal attorney and an accountant. Take reference for a business bankruptcy lawyer from both of them. Contact your friends and other acquaintances for their recommendations. Don’t base your decision blindly on their recommendations to hire a good bankruptcy attorney.

Interview More than one Bankruptcy Lawyer

After the initial selection, interview at least two or three bankruptcy lawyers to choose the best. Arrange for a telephonic or face to face interview. It is a formal process to handpick the best. List your interview questions in a piece of paper beforehand so that you may not stumble over what to ask or what not to ask them during the interview hours. The answers to your questions will give an index to their proficiency and professionalism.

Run an Internet Search for Lawyer Directories

Google online to get business bankruptcy lawyer directories. Some directories contain not only their names and contact details but also their professional biographies. Go through the biographies of some bankruptcy attorneys from your area or other areas.

Don’t Base the Selection on Fees

You are looking for a qualified lawyer not a cheap lawyer. The service of a competent bankruptcy attorney can cost more than that of an inexperienced lawyer. Their fees vary from one to the other. Fees of a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer is definitely among the factors to base the selection on. But it must not be the only benchmark. Ask bankruptcy lawyers for their price quotes and then, compare them. Paying a little more will get you the service that suits your purpose.

Read and Sign Retainer Agreement

When you ultimately select a business bankruptcy lawyer, he will require you to sign a retainer agreement. Go through the agreement carefully. First, consider what you will get in exchange for your money and then, sign it. Don’t forget to discuss the payment plan with him and get to know when the bankruptcy case will be filed.

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