May 8, 2009

Banks win, homeowners lose in Senate – St. Petersburg Times

It is very unfortunate that this was shot down by the Senate. This was a spectacular solution for Homeowners. I think it was spectacular in two […]
July 6, 2012

Can I Do a “Cramdown” on Collateral Other than My Home or Vehicle?

If you are buying something on time and want to keep it, you often can do so for less money IF you bought it more than a year ago.
July 12, 2012

“If Only I’d Gone to See My Bankruptcy Attorney Sooner . . . ”

Those are the words I hate to hear from a new client. Bankruptcy attorneys are in the business because we truly want to help people. It’s […]
July 19, 2012

See an Attorney BEFORE Losing Your Vehicle to Repossession or Surrender

You may be able to keep a vehicle you thought you couldn’t afford to pay for. Chapter 13 allows you to pay less per month and […]
November 22, 2012

Why Chapter 13 is So Nifty

Chapter 7 is short and sweet and to the point. It often gets what you need—a discharge (a legal write-off) of all or almost all of […]
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