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July 24, 2012

Get a “Fresh Start” in Bankruptcy for Your Assets, Not Just Your Debts

Bankruptcy helps both sides of your balance sheet. Getting a financial fresh start means not just getting relieved of your debts, but also protecting your essential […]
August 2, 2012

Final Reasons to Get Legal Advice Before Deciding to Sell Your Home

Bankruptcy gives you a wide range of tools that can help you keep your home or sell it on your own schedule. Many of these tools […]
August 24, 2012

Power to Preotect Your Home Against Your Mortgage Lender and Lienholders

If you want to hold onto your home, Chapter 13 gives you many extraordinary advantages.
September 24, 2012

The Nitty-Gritty about Catching Up on Your Mortgage through Chapter 13–Part 2

More answers about how Chapter 13 gives you up to 5 years to catch up on your past-due mortgage.
November 1, 2012

Quick Rules about Preserving Your Home through Bankruptcy

When does filing bankruptcy save your home?  When is “straight bankruptcy”—Chapter 7—the right tool, and when do you need Chapter 13?  If your most important goal […]