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May 23, 2012

5 More Kinds of Chapter 13 Medicine for Saving Your Home

Chapter 13 is extraordinary in the number of distinctive ways it can solve debt problems endangering your home. Here are five more ways beyond the five of the last blog.
July 4, 2012

A Patriotic Fresh Start

If you're financially hurting this 4th of July, you may not exactly be feeling like this is a great country. But it is.
July 24, 2012

Get a “Fresh Start” in Bankruptcy for Your Assets, Not Just Your Debts

Bankruptcy helps both sides of your balance sheet. Getting a financial fresh start means not just getting relieved of your debts, but also protecting your essential […]
August 10, 2012

Ten Things You Need to Know About Assets and Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Most of the time, you get to keep whatever you own when you file bankruptcy. These 10 truths tell you how it works.
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