The Importance of a Good Bankruptcy Attorney

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June 6, 2011
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June 8, 2011
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The Importance of a Good Bankruptcy Attorney

When faced with a bankruptcy, having the best representation possible should be your first priority. There are many reasons why finding the best bankruptcy attorney that you can afford is important. 

The two most important reasons are that, by not having the correct representation, you could still end up owing non-secured debts or may have your bankruptcy denied altogether. These can be powerful consequences that have the ability to affect your financial future for close to a decade. The right representation may mean the difference between a worry-free future or one filled with struggles that you cannot free yourself from. For more information please visit Bankruptcy Jacksonville

During the bankruptcy proceedings, creditors could show up and ask the judge to exempt their debt from your bankruptcy. There are many reasons why a judge could decide that you should not receive your bankruptcy or that certain debts should be excluded, however, unless you purposely committed major fraud, most of the claims will be easily debated by a good bankruptcy attorney who has experience standing up for those who file.

After all, the last thing you want is to be accused of fraud just because you lost a job or had unforeseen medical expenses. A good bankruptcy attorney will know how to defend your bankruptcy claim against these accusations and get as much debt as possible included in your bankruptcy discharge. 

Furthermore, since a bankruptcy attorney will know the laws regarding bankruptcy and will be very familiar with them, he or she is likely to do a much better job than you when it comes to defending your claim. Since bankruptcy laws can vary by state, it is important to seek local representation from a bankruptcy attorney that is also familiar, not only with federal bankruptcy laws, but with the bankruptcy laws of your state. For more information please visit bankruptcy attorneys jacksonville

This may become an issue if you live near a state line. Many bankruptcy attorneys who live in such an area will be licensed in both states and know the laws on both sides of the state line, so don’t feel as if you have to confine your search to your state, if you can find better representation across the state line.

Remember, this is not a time to try and save money. If getting a better bankruptcy attorney means spending more money, do it! A high dollar bankruptcy attorney may be cheaper than losing your bankruptcy claim. Even if you currently cannot afford a great bankruptcy attorney, it may be worth getting a second job or asking a family member for a loan. 

What is comes down to is that the quality of your representation can have an effect on how many creditors successfully contest your bankruptcy — and whether you even get a bankruptcy at all. Once you file for bankruptcy, you cannot file again for several years — even if your bankruptcy claim is denied. 

That is the main reason why, if you want to get yourself out of debt, you need the best bankruptcy attorney that you can possibly afford. Settle for less and you may be costing yourself the financial break that you desperately need. For more information please visit bankruptcy lawyers Jacksonville

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