Training for Bankruptcy Paralegals

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August 9, 2011
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Training for Bankruptcy Paralegals

As with all other kinds of paralegal training, bankruptcy paralegal training is not mandated by any kind of laws or regulations because no license is required to become a bankruptcy paralegal. Nonetheless, since bankruptcy paralegals may find themselves completing the vast majority of the forms in a paper-intense practice of law, paralegal training for bankruptcy paralegals can be very in dept and highly specialized.

Bankruptcy paralegals will usually carryout the first interview of the client to determine if the person is eligible to enter into personal bankruptcy. Paralegals who work for personal bankruptcy attorneys also take care of the clients through the entire process and answer any questions they may have, and, communicate with creditors of those clients. As a result, a bankruptcy paralegal has to be extremely proficient in personal bankruptcy law and the individual bankruptcy process.

Basic paralegal training includes lessons in fundamental office functions, drafting documents and also correspondence, and performing client interviews. But because of the specialized nature of the bankruptcy practice, bankruptcy paralegals need to be familiar with the United States Bankruptcy Code, how to complete the bankruptcy petition as well as structure a petitioner’s repayment schedule. Paralegals employed in the bankruptcy field should also understand how to file documents digitally via the PACER system.

Seeing as there are two kinds of consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and also Chapter 13, bankruptcy paralegals must know and understand the real difference in these two and be able to direct consumers to the appropriate kind of bankruptcy for their scenario. So, take into account that any bankruptcy paralegal instruction that a bankruptcy paralegal receives should deal with both Chapter 7 as well as Chapter 13 individual bankruptcy law .

Bankruptcy paralegal training may also include the paralegal attending the meeting of creditors and hearings with the attorney to observe how the procedure works. Having this knowledge will help the paralegal have the ability to tell clients what to expect and place them at ease.

Bankruptcy paralegal training is available online, from places like Blackstone Career Institute, and off-line from colleges vo-tech schools. Some associations, such as the Houston Association of Bankruptcy Paralegals, also provide training.

Jenny writes articles about paralegal training and other topics at the Paralegal Certification Headquarters.
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