What Happens After a Petition for Bankruptcy Has Been Filed With Federal Court?

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October 30, 2010
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November 1, 2010
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What Happens After a Petition for Bankruptcy Has Been Filed With Federal Court?

There is hardly a better feeling , when you are going through credit hell, when you finally decided to take the last step and file bankruptcy.  This is the moment you will be able to answer the phone again with confidence.  The second after you file the petition of bankruptcy with the court, no creditors are allowed to take any further actions to collect any debt.  All you creditors will be informed by the court in writing according to the names and addresses of the creditors that you gave to the court.  Be very careful with this list and don’t forget to included everybody even if there is a slight chance that you may owe them something and might have forgotten about it.  Before your creditor get the letters from the court, you have every right to answer the phone and tell them they must immediately stop any collection efforts and that include that they are not even allowed to call you on the telephone any more.  If they do they are doing something illegal and they will be fined by the court, so they always stop when you tell them this.  If you are getting computerized calls all night and day, then you can if you wish ignore them until they get the letter from the bankruptcy court notifying them of your bankruptcy petition, or you can pick up the phone, demand to be transferred to a supervisor, ask for their name, give them your bankruptcy attorney’s name and telephone number and the case number that you got from the bankruptcy court.  If you are in the Chicago area then <a href =”http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5249792/chicagoland_bankruptcy_attorney/”>Chicagoland Bankruptcy</a> can help you.

After a petition of bankruptcy has been filed it is illegal for them to make any further debt collection efforts, they can sue or continue lawsuits, garnish your wages or even call you once to demand payment.  All the creditors are told by the bankruptcy court to leave you completely alone and after the petition for bankruptcy has been filed all their rights and your obligations to them will be thereafter handled through the proceedings of the bankruptcy court by your attorney at <a href =”http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5249792/chicagoland_bankruptcy_attorney/”>Chicagoland Bankruptcy</a>.

It is such a relief to achieve this peace aright after your bankruptcy is filed.  The pressure you have been under up to that moment has been intense to say the least, so enjoy the peace and quiet of no more harassing telephone calls or getting more red colored letters in the mail.  If they don’t stop then inform your attorney at <a href =”http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5249792/chicagoland_bankruptcy_attorney/”>Chicagoland Bankruptcy</a> and they can take action to make sure they stop.

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