Zero Time for Bankruptcy in Ann Arbor, Michigan

June 30, 2010
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July 1, 2010
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Zero Time for Bankruptcy in Ann Arbor, Michigan

To remake the biomass sources to obtain sufficient funds and  stay in business, Verso Paper Corp is commencing a forty-three million dollar biomass renewal development to finance approximately ninety-five percent of its biomass fuel needs. The boiler that is currently being used to produce the wood compound and waste products that will now be fashioned  into energy through the turbines for Vero’s factory. The forty-three million dollar  development is estimate to be closedby the close of 2011.

Michigan is creating assurance that the company is a Forest Products Processing Renaissance Zone project.  Forest Products Processing Renaissance Zones permits its entities to run without state interference.  Furthermore, theese companies are not taxed by national or Michigan governments. Although based out of Memphis, Tennessee the plant project will be This restructure and new forty three million dollar effort is taken in order to prevent Ann Arbor bankruptcy.

Company information and history:
Plant manufacturing supercalendered and specialty products of a coated kind of paper by regurgitating wood  in order to be the market leader of PR, Advertising and Marketing media and application’s resource production company.

The Company makes high- gloss sales and marketing materials such as  direct-mail and annual reports for industrial companies. To find out more information from a bankruptcy attorney in Ann Arbor.


For more information on this topic this company’s headquarters can be reached at their Memphis, Tennessee location.  For more information about bankruptcy in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and through Southeast Michigan please do not hesitate to contact me personally.


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I am a bankruptcy attorney in Ann Arbor and criminal law lawyer based out of Ypsilanti Michigan.  For more information regarding this topic please check out the previous link!
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